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2016 Olympic Games Betting

It might seem a tad premature of us to bring to your attention the prospect of the 2016 Olympic Games, (bearing in mind that we've not even had the in London), yet the way time flies Free Betting Online thought it pertinant to deliver our dedicated 2016 Olympic Games Betting page here and now. After all, it will be the 2012 Olympic Games in London before we can turn around and then 2016 before you can catch your breath. And don't forget, we've got the 2010 World Cup and 2014 World Cup in between the two either. Seriously, the globe's biggest sports tournaments are coming thick and fast, and it's our job to bring you the SP on them the moment we found out ourselves. Because here at Free Betting Online that's what we're all about. Keeping online sports betting fans in the loop. Continually. And by making a name for ourselves by being proactive in our interactive betting approach, not reactive like so many of our competitors out there.

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Yes, despite the fact that most of us still have recent, vivid memories of the amazing sporting spectacle that was the in Beijing, and savoured visions of Usain Bolt challenging the laws of natural speed and ripping the track and field records books to pieces in China, preparations and minute planning for the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games are well underway as you'd expect, with London and the UK as a whole gearing up to welcome the cream of the world's elite sportsmen and women in less than three years from now. Yet with the London 2012 efforts in full swing, the unresolved matter of which country (sitting within which continent) is to host the 2016 Olympic Games (a massive 2016 Olympic Games betting pre-cursor in its own right) was still wide open until now. Being sportingly contested on four fronts, Free Betting Online is amongst the first online sports betting sites to announce that Brazil's carnival capital, Rio De Janeiro, has been ultimately chosen to entertain the globe's sports heroes (and those that will ascend to that position) and charged with putting on what's arguably seen as the greatest show on earth. So no pressure there then.

With Rio unquestionably viewed as perhaps the party capital of the planet, it was no surprise to observe a phalanx of its excited inhabitants gathered across the South American city on Friday the 2nd October 2009 to bear witness to the Olympic governing body (the IOC, International Olympic committee) decree Rio as the place to be come the summer of 2016. in fact there was upwards of 30,000 cariocas massed on the famous Copacabana Beach itself to mark the victorious occasion with something of a song and dance as giant screen erected for the event delivered the news that Brazil had been waiting for.

Chicago Loose Out To Rio In 2016 Olympic Games Vote

Of course, where there's winners (and echoing the very nature of sport itself), there's losers when it comes down to this first stage of 2016 Olympic Games betting. Or runner-up positions as the more considerate amongst society like to call them. The role of one of the inglorious runner-up this time was the preserve of America, and in principle the city of Chicago, who's representatives and custodians had put up a good fight only to be pipped at the winning post by its more flamboyant rival at the last minute. Irrespective of even the new President of the United States, Barack Obama speaking up for the windy city (acknowledged as his adopted home by many Obama watchers) and getting four square behind their equally as ambitious Olympic bid.

It was expected - back in America any how - that their main man throwing his weight behind the Chicago bid would prove decisive, as he put his all into his rousing, rallying speech declaring to one and all that Chicago was after all “the most American of American cities”. A weapon to some, yet possibly a curse to critics of what remained the bookies' odds-on favourite auditioning for the part. In the event (and something of a cruel twist for its exponents) Chicago was the first city to be eliminated by the IOC' games awarding panel.

For Brazil the pressure is undoubtedly on, as it braces itself (and tests its financial status, socio-economic reckoning and transportation, construction and civil engineering infrastructure like never before) to roll out global sports equivalent of the red carpet twice in the short space of two years, as not let us forget that this distinctly Latin quarter of the Americas is pencilled in to accommodate that other competitor for the title of the greatest show on earth merely two years prior, in the shape of the FIFA 2014 World Cup Finals. There's only guesswork at this juncture as to what cost and effect this back-to-back global sporting double whammy will have on Brazil and its people, as history reveals only once before has the one country thrown out its arms to welcome a World Cup and Olympic Games in such quick succession. And ironically, as fate would have it that country was America, when in 1994 the United States won the right to host the World Cup and then, in 1998 Atlanta was selected for the Olympic Games.

2016 Olympic Games Betting Markets Pointed To Chicago Win

So how did it materialise the Rio would be the chosen one? Well, Copenhagen was the setting for the IOC to announce their final decision on which country would be granted the honour of accepting the invitation to host the 2016 Olympic Games, after the four shortlisted cities had campaigned tirelessly for as long as we can remember; putting their collective all into literally selling their cities to the International Olympic Committee. Eventually the other also-rans joining Chicago in the quest to be judged ready, willing and altogether able to deliver the 2016 Olympic Games goods were Spain's foremost city, Madrid and Japan's upwardly mobile Tokyo.

After Chicago was dropped like a hot potato in the first round of eliminations, Tokyo bowed out a little less surprisingly in the second round; leaving it a straight fight to the end between the equally evocative and colourful backdrops of Madrid and Rio to walk away with the biggest prize on our sporting planet. Olympic committee chief Jacques Rogge delivered the words that effectively sanctioned Brazil to go for broke, and signalled the green light for this, their almost audacious double bid of the World Cup and Olympic Games.

Madrid loses out for second time in four years, after running London close for the 2012 decision, however was always seen as an outsider in the eyes of experts who insisted that the unspoken rule regarding host cities being rotated between continents would render Spain's bid ineffectual. Tokyo meanwhile was keen to reprise its Olympic pedigree after successfully staging the mammoth sporting event back in 1964, whilst also more – and more recently - Japan of course welcomed the Winter Olympics; namely in Sapporo in 1972 and Nagano in 1998.

So what will all this mean back home to 2016 Olympic Games betting fans?

2016 Olympic Games Betting Information Ahead of Rio De Janeiro

At this stage it's obviously far too early to make predictions as to who's going to be in with a realistic or viable shout when it comes to individual and specific Athletes, the sport's they're participating in, the countries they're representing and the level at which they're competing, yet in the fullness of time all this information will be realised and revealed here, as of course will be a detailed look at the opportunities that the 2016 Olympic Games betting will afford the worldwide interactive gambling community. One thing is for certain as society acknowledges the pace at which technology advances, there'll be an even broader spectrum of technical platforms in which to view, interact and more importantly, bet on when the games arrive, which in itself will expose and welcome even more of us to virtually immerse ourselves in the biggest sports tournament on the planet.

What we can confirm at this juncture is that the 2016 Olympic Games will be held within the four special 'zones', namely Copacabana Beach, Maracana, Deodoro and Barra da Tijuca, the last of which will also be home to the officially recognised Olympic village for the duration of the XXXI Olympiad. Of these existing venue, the Maracana Stadium will host the opening (August 5th 2016) and closing ceremony (August 21st 2016) of the games, as well as the football finals, whilst Copacabana Beach will provide the stunning backdrop to the marathon swimming, triathlon and beach volleyball competitions amongst other sports. Elsewhere, and the Joao Havelange Stadium will house the track and field events, while water polo and diving aspects will be performed under the roof of the Maria Lenk National Aquatic Centre. A raft of gymnastic disciplines will take place at the HSBC Arena, the superbly named SambaDrome will stage the marathon and archery events, the volleyball deciders will pan out at the Maracanazinho Gymnasium and the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas will see rowing and canoeing competition unfold.

It's yet to be ultimately decided which two from seven newly proposed sports will also debut at the 2016 games, with the following possibilities in the running; Baseball, Golf, Karate, Roller Sports, Rugby, Softball and Squash. Baseball and softball are looking to be reinstated having been dropped from the Olympic program in 2005. that said there's strong supposition that rugby sevens (a seven man version of rugby union) is set to be approved by the ruling committee, thus elimating baseball, roller sports and squash from the equation. Golf is also suggested as figuring favourably at this point in the decision making process.

Finally, and a quick glance at some important facts and figures for the future playing out of the 31st Olympic Games. In terms of nations estimated to be compete in the games, and an approximate figure of 205 has been mooted, while a potential 12,500 individual athletes are set to challenge across a portfolio of 26 sports and 38 disciplines.