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£40 Free Bets

BetVictor are not the New Kids on the Block. They have years of experience in the business, a wealth of sports betting knowledge and, most importantly, the trust of punters nationally and internationally.

Sports betting markets with BetVictor are numerous, comprehensive and always competitive. They also offer a wide range of money-back offers and enhanced specials. BetVictor are now one of the biggest bookmakers in Europe.

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About £40 Free Bets

A free bet amount of £40 is not to be sniffed at lightly. Slotting nicely between the £25 and £50 free bet it is an amount which is neither intimidating nor insubstantial and provides a useful platform for anyone starting off in the world of online betting.

You can build up your £40 free bet by taking the tentative approach with a series of small bets, or by going for the big win by backing your favourite horse, football team, tennis player or whatever takes your fancy at big odds

The £40 free bet can come in a variety of different formats so be sure to check the bookmaker’s specific stipulations before signing up for your account and starting to punt.