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£75 Free Bets

Join JetBull Sports and when you create a new betting account via FreeBettingOnline you'll be welcomed with a 50% first deposit bonus, which will allow you to claim up to £75 as a bonus to use on their SportsBook.

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£75 Free Bets

The £75 free bet is toward the upper echelons of the free bet catalogue and with due care and attention can be turned into either a sizeable betting balance or slap up meal without the financial blow. A £75 free bet tends to come in one of two popular formats; some bookmakers will offer the total in varying increments, and others will slap it on the table upfront it just depends on the bookmakers stance.
If it’s the former variety then you will usually need to take the calm and measured approach in order to build up to your total Free Bet. If it’s the latter then you can afford to throw caution to the wind and back your favourite horse in the big race or your football team to lift the FA Cup, safe in the knowledge that there’s no financial risk attached.

The Joy of Free Bets

That’s the beauty of free bets, they’re free. Once you’ve made the requisite deposits and wagers (which should always be done in a controlled and reasoned manner) there is no financial risk attached to your free bet and you can afford to back that bigger priced team in the hope of striking it rich. And with the £75 free bet, the chances of winning big are even greater, so why not get stuck in to the opportunities highlighted on this page? It could be your lucky day.