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Betdaq Welcome Offer - £1,000 Cash-Back

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Register for a new BetDaq account today using the unique promotion code DAQBACK and you'll be able to claim a £1,000 refundt when you sign-up using any of the links from our FreeBettingOnline page.

Become a new customer with BetDaq and you'll be welcomed with a £1,000 cash-back offer. Just sign-up from any of our links below and enter the promo code DAQBACK on the registration page. The refund is based on the commission paid in the first 30 days after opening an account. 

About BetDaq

BetDaq is a world leader in the new phenomenon of online betting exchange, a form of betting where the online betting site acts as an intermediary between punters who are either backing or laying their bets. This exciting development in the world of online betting means that, usually, much more attractive odds are on offer to punters – often by as much as 20%.

BetDaq is fully licensed and registered with the British authorities and offers a full range of betting opportunities on all sports including football, horse racing, American football, tennis, golf, greyhound racing, cricket, baseball, Formula 1, darts and athletics as well as all the TV shows such as Big Brother, BBC Sports Personality of the Year and Strictly Come Dancing. All significant global political events are also fully covered. Online betting sites have transformed the betting experience and you can now bet to your hearts content from the comfort of your own home. All manner of betting opportunities are available and they go way beyond the old win only bet. As well as this there is live betting where you can jump in on a game at any stage thus keeping the match alive until the exciting end.

BetDaq Betting Online

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This site also offers full access to the Football Asian Handicap market. This market eliminates the possibility of a draw and this gives you a 50% chance of winning instead of a 33.3%. The bookie decides which is the stronger team and then gives, say, a 1.5 goal advantage to the underdog. If the final score is as expected and the stronger team wins 2-1 then the underdog wins with a score of 2.5 goals. It’s quite easy when you get the hang of it as well as being an exciting and skilful betting experience for the punter. It’s no wonder that this is becoming a more and more popular form of betting. BetDaq was founded in Ireland in 2000 by the hugely successful Irish entrepreneur, Dermot Desmond. The company is highly regarded for the respect it shows to its customers which is reflected in its low commission rates. The commission is calculated on winnings only and can be as little as 2% on this site. Exchange betting is a little difficult to get your head around but it’s worth it in the end because of the better odds on offer. It works on the principle of matching two punters together, one betting that an event will occur and the other that it won’t. The bookie then takes a commission from the winning client.

Opening an account is simplicity itself and can be achieved with just a few clicks. The site can be a bit overwhelming at first visit but it’s actually quite easily navigable and there are facilities to customise it to match your own needs. There’s plenty of help available with drop down menus and customer service help to enable you to do this and then it’s all plain sailing. In fact, the site is renowned for its customer service which offers multi-lingual support on a 24/7 basis. BetDaq also subscribes to the responsible gambling code and is there to offer help, advice and assistance to those who request it.