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Betfair casino starts as it means for its punters to go on by handing out a 100% first-deposit bonus to all new comers eager to start exploring the world of online betting. So that’s the tried and tested matching however much cash you open your account with trick. A trick that keeps everyone smiling from the offset. Invest £10, Betfair casino will give you another £10. £75, and you find yourself with £100 in your account. But unlike others, that’s where the buck stops. The maximum first-deposit sign-up bonus being limited to £75. Again, check the small print for the exacting criteria, but don’t fret – there’s no other catches.


Being a total confusion-free zone, Betfair casino allows punters to sign-up and register for a new online account with the minimum of quibble. Easy pointers, simple instruction descriptions and Bob’s your uncle. Well, he’s someone’s, and even he would be hard-pressed to go awry at this initial juncture.


A workman-like approach to the provision of information graphics, although that’s not to say basic. Nifty enough where it needs to be without blinding us with style over actual substance. A good, honest ambience that invites the punter to explore for themselves in a no-nonsense manner.


Again, Betfair casino won’t necessarily win any awards for its innovation or highly fashioned content, but deliver the hard and fast online betting goods in a way everyone can understand and appreciate. Click throughs are effortless, directions self-explanatory.


Not the largest collection of online games, but well presented and easily accessible all the same.Baccarat, Blackjack, Casino Stud Poker, Casino War, European Blackjack, Hold’em Showdown, Lucky 7 Blackjack, Pai Gow Poker, Red Dog, Single Deck Blackjack, Three Card Poker, Multi-Line Slots, Single-Line Slots, Craps and European Roulette being some of them.


Betfair casino will never leave its valued customers to their own devices should they encounter any issues along their online betting journey, with the provisions in place to be contactable 24/7 via phone, email and other technological communication methods. We’re pleased to inform you that it’s been all positive feedback from our sources.


A comprehensive range of payment methods here, ensuring that customers can buy into the Betfair casino experience with the greatest of ease. Delta, Solo, Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, PayPal, Neteller, Moneybookers, ClickandBuy, Bank Transfer, Western Union, etc will bring a lot more people into the frame (and therein, the game) than competitors lists.


A proven and redoubtable environment in which to entrust your hard earned, with every conceivable strategic financially secure measures in place to put minds at rest. One of the safest and most secure platforms that we know of.


Although no obvious loyalty scheme in place like the majority of its online betting rivals, Betfair casino does proffer a multitude of ongoing promotions that harvest iPods and plasma screen TV’s for regular users amongst other impressive give-aways. Whilst their casino ‘refer and earn’ scheme pays out up to £2,000 each quarter dependant on the number of fellow punters that you’ve tipped off subscribing to Betfair casino. Nice incentive though.

Information on Betfair Online Casino

“Roll up, roll up!” they used to cry, intonating at what was described as ‘the greatest show on earth’, yet in reality amounted to little more than a few clowns falling over, some performing seals and an idiot on a trapeze. No, forget the travelling circus and instead concentrate your efforts on all the thrills and spills of the online betting world. And where better to grab yourself a seat than at the Betfair casino.

You don’t have to put a foot out of the front door or muster any fake applause as Betfair casino really will keep you on the edge of that seat with its cornucopia of interactive games that promise to tease your pleasure receptors. Be they played for real money or just for fun (and practice) all the usual titles are present and correct including Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and Craps; only with a new and exciting twist.

Betfair casino’s ‘Zero Lounge’ is a platform on which you can indulge your passion for the aforementioned and ever-popular casino games, yet foregoing what’s known as the house edge. To the uninitiated, this means that the games have been tweaked in the online player’s favour to reduce the odds of a pay out. Which can only be good news. Take for example Roulette, and specifically the centrepiece of its timeless attraction, its spinning wheel. Well, Betfair have. Taken the zero out of the roulette wheel that is. How about that for a little encouragement. Minimum stakes in these games are higher than when you play in the Main Lounge, but serious players will be delighted that they have no house edge to fight against.

Another difference that should appeal to the online gambler is that Betfair casino negates the need for download software, which means you can log on and get stuck into the thick of the action from the moment you click through to the website, sidestepping the normal time consuming option of waiting for the games to stream into your system. You simply sign-up and then decide where you want to take the chance with your cash.

For most that will mean a visit to the Betfair casino Main Lounge, which is home to some 40 traditional casino games that punters will instantly acknowledge. The previously mentioned Zero Lounge offers just the four games but with that 0% house edge, they’re definitely worth a punt regardless.

Again - and in fairness like many of its competitor sites – Betfair casino harbours some pretty impressive audio commentary that adds another, realistic dimension to the games on offer and the experience they provide the virtual gamer, and come complete with extra curricular sound effects that run to ambient music being filtered into the background of your game. Smooth and sensual jazz anybody?

Finally, another string to the Betfair casino bow takes the shape of the unique spectator exchanging facility. A selection of the casino games on offer allow you to bet on their outcome in the capacity of a spectator. Please, let explain. Utilizing what’s referred to as exchange betting rules and regs, you could watch a few hands of Texas Hold’em whilst placing a wager on which hand you think will win or loose at various stages through the ensuing game. This functionality is instigated via the Exchange Games tab on the Betfair casino homepage; however you can plunder this by using your own username and same account as normal. We like this a lot.