Stan James Casino

What Stan James Online Casino offers you!


Incredibly straight-forward and honest sign-up process that sets out its procedures practices in a cohesive, easy to understand way. Gets you up and running in a flash.


A bit elaborate in places with possibly too much going on, yet on the whole it’s laid out in an enticing style with a readily-readable information structure in place.


Clarity of navigation uppermost, with click throughs leading you where you want to go with encouraging ease. A rewarding experience.


Great choice of casino games to get stuck into, from traditional Black Jack and Roulette through to Baccarat and Lucky 7. Elsewhere there is an alternative casino that lets the user opt the layout that best suits their needs.


Top marks for Stan James when it comes to tending to its members requirements, as the casino offers live support options alongside freephone help numbers which both operate – and are on hand to advise - 24/7.


Good cross section of payment cards accepted, both UK credit and debit, as well as Moneybookers, Neteller, Paysafecard and Western Union.


Plenty of fail safe safety measures in place throughout the site, ensuring peace of mind for all users whether casual or regular.


Comp points are awarded to Stan James casino subscribers for every pound wagered. Once these points accumulate to a certain threshold then they can be exchanged for cash. A VIP programme is also in place, along with a host of cash bonuses on many games.

Background on Stan James Online Casino

Rolling up at a glamorous casino can be more of a chore than many acknowledge. Think about it. What with the tuxedo wearing, hair slicking and embarrassment of having to order something unsubstantial on the rocks, there’s times when it can well be avoided. A lot of faffing for often scant reward. Unless of course you’re in the throes of attempting to impress certain parties – be they of the opposing gender or potential business contacts, in which case you really must make the effort.

Yet in recent years – and thanks to the advent of virtual worlds painstakingly created in an online format by some of the biggest names in the online betting industry – budding debonairs can ignore the dress hire shop, misplace their comb, by-pass social drinking etiquette and rip open another sustenance-providing can in the informal surrounds and comfort of their own home.

One such pioneer is erstwhile gambling practitioner, doyen of the high streets as well as its information superhighway betting presence, Stan James. Provider of Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Deuces Wild, Lucky 7, Pai Gow and Jacks or Better amongst a proliferation of other traditional casino games, Stan James’ online casino selection is fit for novice and connoisseur alike.

At Stan James casino fans will receive a welcome bonus, similar to a Free Bet, up to a maximum £100 once they’ve signed up and created their online account, which calls for an initial deposit of whatever you can afford to initiate proceedings. Once this request is satisfied and you’ve played your first game your investment will be matched. This will take 9 further individual game stakes – that Stan James equate in value each time - up to and totalling the sum of £100 before you receive your free bet of £100.

Once you’re on board though, there’s no looking back as Stan James will consistently bring a little Las Vegas colour and exciting gambling action to your life every time you log on and join in.