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General Election Betting

One of the main events in the politics betting calendar and online betting markets is the UK General Election. The UK has a General Election once every four to five years, with the party in power deciding the date the election is to be held.

General Election Betting with Free Betting Online

Our best advice for predicting who is going to win the next General Election is to watch the news and pay attention to the periodic polls published in the UK press. This can give you an invaluable insight into the current mood of the nation regarding the UK's main political parties, and because the UK electoral system is democratic, is a good indication of which way the general public.

General Election Betting Tips

Rather appropriately for the betting world, the UK electoral system is often called a "first past the post" system, as outright winners in each constituency win the seat in Parliament. By contrast, other electoral systems in Europe, and even here at home in assemblies like the Scottish Parliament, use a system of Proportional Representation, which allows smaller parties greater representation by taking their share of the vote into account when sharing out Parliamentary seats.

Still with us? Anyway, one of the side-effects of this electoral system is that it effectively produces a two-party system, with the majority party in power and a second party in opposition. What this means for the punter is that only the two main parties, Labour and Conservative, are likely to stand any chance of getting elected. So when it comes to outright win markets, bookies may offer tempting outside odds for the Liberal Party, SNP, Plaid Cymru, et al, but betting on these parties can effectively mean losing your stake.

Although many betting bookmakers offer odds for general elections well before the event, not all of them will have the market displayed clearly on their website until nearer the big day. If you can"t find it, look for "politics", "specials" or events betting in their navigation.

General Election Betting Markets

The standard markets available for the General Election are win markets for individual UK political parties. Also look out for the related "Next Prime Minister" win markets, which, of course, offer fixed odds for the leader of each political party.

General Election 2010

So can Gordon Brown take the Labour Party to their fifth term in office or has the general public lost faith in them after Iraq/Afghanistan and mounting domestic problems? Or can the Conservative Party finally reconcile their internal differences, present themselves as a credible alternative to Labour, and reclaim the support of the British public? We"ll let the nation decide, while you take advantage of the free bets and sign-up deals offered by UK book makers.