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Moto GP Betting

Moto GP Betting has grown in popularity over the past 4 or 5 years due to a rise in its profile through popular television channels through sky TV and other cable TV channels.

MotoGP Betting with Free Betting Online :

As with most vehicle sports,Moto GPoffers great excitement and a tremendously competitive spirit as riders compete for the championship during the year. Supporters of Moto GP are absolutely fanatical about the season and will travel around the world to follow their respective riders. Bikers really are a breed of there own and it's very likely that Betting in Moto GP in particular will continue its' trend in growth in the next few years.

It's difficult to see why it hasn't yet had the viewing figures you would expect for such an exciting sport but one can only put this down to a lack of publicity and profile in the media.

BUT, This is changing . . . .

Even if you were new to Moto GP, you couldn't help but to marvel at the riders control of these machines last year. We saw the championship go to the wire as Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden battled right up until the last race to finish the season. You couldn't have written it better or asked for a more exciting finish to end the season with both riders looking to win the title and then one of them (Rossi) crashing in the fifth lap. The devout fans of Rossi were in tears when they saw their hero slip off and their hopes dashed on the tarmac.

There was little hope for Rossi to come back even early on in the season when he was over fifty points behind at Laguna Seca but like a true champion, he grafted all the way and never gave up to make it everything to play for in the last race.

It truly has become a thrilling sport to watch as the technology for the bikes has rapidly increased, as has the safety for the riders. Fans who watch the races will also tell you that there is no buzz quite like race day in Moto GP. A great sense of anticipation, coupled with one of the friendlest sporting atmospheres makes it one of the nicest venues to visit.

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The 2018 season isn't too far away and let's hope that this season will be every bit as good as the last.

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