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US Presidential Elections

The US presidential elections are undoubtedly the premiere event in the category of political betting. The elections are held once every four years, with presidential and vice presidency candidates being chosen from nominations in the two US political parties, the Democrats and Republicans.

To all intents and purposes, Presidential elections decide who will become the most powerful - and sometimes the dumbest - man in the world. Despite the status that comes with the office, the Presidency has not been without its share of scandal, from Watergate and Irangate, through to documentary film revelations about George W. Bush, or even Bill Clinton"s widely publicised affair (Sigmund Freud once said that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar - should"ve listened Bill!).

Next US President Betting Information

The standard markets for online betting on the next US president are, of course, outright win markets. However, bookmakers make party bets available as long term markets for the Democratic or Republican Parties long before the Election itself. Naturally, this allows punters to wager on a Democratic or Republican win long before presidential candidates have been chosen. Democratic and Republican candidates markets are also available at this stage, featuring odds for each nominee to become Presidential candidate.

For a bookmaker who offers free bets as well as markets for the presidency, try Stan James who cover most world elections. Paddy Power always have an extensive selection of political markets, and are well worth a wee visit. For long term markets, we recommend Betfair, who offer candidate and party markets.

Note that markets for the US Presidency often appear under "specials" or "novelty" on bookmakers" sites.

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