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Responsible Gambling

Although gambling can be an enjoyable experience for most people, it can have a negative side. Gambling addiction is a common problem and can cause real difficulties, financial and otherwise, for gamblers and their families.

In order to help promote responsible gambling, this page provides tips on how to minimise the risk of gambling addiction and links to professional organisations that offer advice, help, and counselling.

Advice on Responsible Gambling

Our directory links to websites that provide facilities for online gambling and offer Free Bets as customer incentives. When visiting these sites, we urge you to do so only as a leisure pursuit and not as a means of making money. Select sites with a responsible gambling policy and who offer features designed to minimise the risk of gambling addiction. Always gamble in moderation and with caution.

Here is some further advice to help you gamble in a responsible manner:

  • Do not gamble more than you can afford
  • Only gamble with money set aside for entertainment, not with money for living expenses
  • Do not gamble to recover losses
  • Do not gamble to pay debts
  • Never borrow money to gamble
  • Do not gamble when depressed or to escape personal problems
  • Set a limit for the time and money you spend gambling and monitor both
  • Take frequent breaks from gambling
  • If you think you have a gambling addiction, contact Gamcare or one of the sites listed below.

Self Help

To help assess whether you or someone you know is at risk from gambling addiction, there are a number of places that offer self help and self-assessment exercises:

Getting Help

If you think that you, or someone you know, might have a gambling problem, there are many places that can offer you professional help. Here are a few of them:

Gambling and Minors

The content of this site is for over 18s only. It is illegal for individuals under the age of 18 to gamble on the websites listed in our directory. If you share a computer with anybody who is under the legal to gamble, or are worried about your children visiting gambling sites, we recommend that you use filtering software designed to prevent children from accessing inappropriate online content:

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Free Betting Online endorse responsible gambling and want visitors to be aware of the risks involved in online betting.