TV Betting

TV betting is all about Reality TV. From the latest Big Brother eviction to who will be crowned King or Queen of the jungle, from Dancing On Ice skate-offs to X Factor winners, it’s all covered in reality TV betting.

TV betting markets now offer the clearest indications on who will survive public votes and who will be voted the winner. Since all betting is essentially based on public opinion the betting markets offer a pointer towards the public perception of a specific act or personality (or lack thereof). That isn’t to say that TV betting is always entirely accurate. Long odds-on shots can often be overturned as has been seen on numerous occasions in the past. The most notable incident being Susan Boyle’s second place finish in the 2009 series of Britain’s Got Talent when SuBo was the clear betting favourite but finished second to dance group Diversity.

Pre-1999 TV betting was a virtually unheard of offshoot of the online betting armoury, although that was aided by the fact online betting was barely into its infancy, yet fast forward a decade and UK telly viewers are spoilt for choice. Well, a selection of pseudo-entertaining post-pub closing time fodder that materializes way before it should to grab your guilty gaze week and weekend evenings. Choose between ITV1's I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, Britain's Got Talent, The X-Factor, Dancing On Ice and the aforementioned, Hells Kitchen, ITV2's American Idol, BBC1's prime-time offerings of Strictly Come Dancing and The Apprentice, Channel Five's The Games or Channel Four's notorious Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother. Basically any crude, yet supposed talent-fest that's contrived to be based around singing, dancing, cooking, businessing, throwing/running/swimming and shouting/arguing and you're on to a ratings winner. Well, providing the dark, long nights of winter are upon us making us feel SADder than ever before, and which now habitually triggers a raft of TV betting excuses.

TV Betting Odds, Price And Markets Available On Host Of TV Talent, Reality And Celebrity-endorsed Series'

If the above are the core element of what amounts to Television betting here and now, and the shows and series that sponsors clamber to associate their product/service with, then the following blasts from the televisual (extremely) light entertainment recent past were the passing whims that curried little favour. And why they're no longer amongst us. Thanks for small mercies. Any Dream Will Do, Grease Is The Word, I'll Do Anything, Pop Idol, Pop Idol - The Extras, Fame Academy and the mother of them all, Celebrity Love Island, stand up and be counted. And then thankfully struck off our list and banished into the annals of TV hell forever more. Sadly Andrew Lloyd-Webber has a nasty habit of resurrecting his Saturday night televised audition process to uncover his next West End protege, so it'll be only a matter of time before we can bet on the identity of the nerve-grating lead of his next stage production. Great.

Cynics might berate the perceived dumbing down of TV through the symptomatic surgance of cheap programme making like these, yet there's no detracting from the enduring popularity most of the mainstream examples experience; and for our purposes why so many of you online television betting fans don't just settle for making a premium rate phone call a few times a week to register your interest/concern/backing to someone or other and instead attempt to get something out of the effort you put in, and be rewarded for your troubles. I.e, place a wager on the candidate you think is most likely to wander off with the dubious (and short-lived) title of this year's X-Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, I'm A Celebrity or Big Brother winner.

Online Bookmakers Know The Accumulative Value Of Galaxy Of TV Betting Shows

With estimated values totaling millions of pounds to the online bookmakers compiling and offering extensive odds on the eventual winners of such shows, as well as pre-empting daily and weekly occurrences and events that may well take place whilst the shows are enjoying their current runs, TV betting is now viewed as a crucial revenue source by the interactive gambling industry; hence the stirring up of interest with the arrival of each new series or season from this lucrative genre stable.

Dependent on the very nature of the shows held up to the light (and high-brow ridicule), money is paid out on a regular basis by the online bookmakers who cover these predominantly televisual events, where weeks of traditional knockout stages as such and regular evictions serve to keep interest levels high in the public's conscience, and therefore keep the cash registers ringing.

Television betting in the eyes of the online bookmakers naturally extends to other annual celluloid fayre, incorporating awards shows (like the Oscars, Brit Awards Betting) and the Eurovision Song Contest, any of which the online punter can dabble in should their interest in the host of reality, talent and Z-list celebrity fool-making shows wane.

TV Betting Free Bets

For free bets on television shows and televised events, register with a book maker who covers the event and is currently offering sign-up deals. Television markets can be frequently be found listed under "specials", "novelty", or "television" in online betting sites, although markets for major events like Big Brother are often clearly advertised on their own.