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Boat Race Betting

Online bookmakers are offering betting markets for the Oxford Cambridge Boat Race, the annual clash between teams from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge held on the River Thames, London. The Boat Race has to be one of the highlights of the amateur sporting calendar, and remains a firm favourite for those who only tend to place the occasional bet.

The event attracts a worldwide audience - as well as the thousands of spectators and Betting fans who line the banks of the Thames to watch the race unfold - and is certainly one of the world's largest and most renowned amateur sporting events. Although held between students from Britain's two premier universities, this goes to show that the Boat Race is by no means a strictly elitist or 'academic' affair.

Boat Race Betting with Free Betting Online

The Oxford Cambridge Boat Race is a gruelling ordeal for the 8 rowers of each team as they race the four and a half miles stretch of the Thames between Putney and Mortlake. On average, this route can take anywhere between 16 and 20 minutes to complete, meaning that the students selected to row for Oxford and Cambridge have to be in the peak of physical fitness. Although amateurs, the students of both universities have to undergo a tough selection process and months of training prior to the race as well as facing the demands of the boat race itself - enough, indeed, to test the endurance of even the most seasoned sportsmen.

The Boat Race originally dates back to 1829, and has run each year since 1856 (with wartime breaks in the years 1915-1919 and 1940-45). Over this period of time, both Oxford and Cambridge have had spells of good fortune and have managed to win year after year, but overall no university has dominated the event. Today both teams have over 70 wins each.

The Boat Race Website

For more information on the Boat Race you can click on the following link to visit The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race website.

Boat Race Betting Markets and Odds

The following Sports Betting markets are generally available for the boat race. Online bookmakers offer odds for a Cambridge win, an Oxford win, or a dead heat.

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