Profile of Alberto Contador

Alberto Contador is possibly the strongest professional cyclist in the world. The Spaniard consistently leads all of the main tours and already has three Tour de France titles to his name. He is favourite to win Tour de France 2011 and it is difficult to see how anyone will stop him.

The profile of Alberto Contador is an interesting one because all of his major achievements in cycling have been mixed in with a dash of controversy such as in 2006 when his entire team pulled out of the French tour due to doping allegations against one rider.

Career of Alberto Contador

The cycling career of Alberto Contador began when he was just 14-years-old. He was encouraged by his brother to start cycling and he began competing in races at the age of 15. By the year 2000 Contador was competing in flat and mountain races all over Spain as an amateur.

A year later the career of Alberto Contador got going when he won the Spanish under-23 title. He turned professional in 2003 and started gaining experience which has turned him into one of the strongest riders in the current cycling world.

The career of Alberto Contador has been a classic example of growth and expansion. His early professional days saw him competing against physically stronger and fitter cyclists which is why it took him four years to win his first professional title.

Titles of Alberto Contador

The titles of Alberto Contador now form a very long list. The major titles of Alberto Contador include three Tour de France Yellow Jerseys in 2007, 2009 and 2010, one Giro D'Italia title in 2008 and one Vuelta a Espania title also in 2008.

Contador has also won many regional titles which have been for races in a specific region of a country e.g. Lyon in France and Murcia in Spain. All of the titles of Alberto Contador have fallen within a four year period which has seen the growth of his reputation.

Betting on Alberto Contador

Betting on Alberto Contador has its own positives and negatives. It is positive because he is frequently the favourite in Sports Betting for the majority of races or series that he enters. In terms of accumulative time over a series of races, there are very few cyclists in the world who can get near him.

Betting on Alberto Contador can be negative because all of the value in backing the Spaniard in Cycling Betting is lost. His skill and consistency over a number of races inside a month often leads to heavily odds on prices in favour of him doing well.

Strengths of Alberto Contador

There are many strengths of Alberto Contador but the biggest has to be his consistency. It is impossible to win three Tour de France titles in four years without high levels of consistency. This consistency comes from Contador not being overly strong in sprinting or endurance but equally balanced across both.

Another of the strengths of Alberto Contador is that he keeps himself in top shape. He is possibly the fittest cyclist currently on the professional circuit which enables him to perform so consistently in high pressure races over long periods of time.