American Idol Betting

American Idol, a reality show/singing competition, similar to the X Factor, which started its first season in 2002, has reached the Finals phase in the 2008 contest. The programme, which has grabbed the attention of online betting fans worldwide, was devised as a vehicle to discover the best young singer in America and, after vast numbers of contenders have been eliminated through regional heats and finals the show is down to six male and six female singers.

American Idol Betting, The Finals

The finals are played out over eleven weeks of televised performances and conclude with final performances on May 20 in Hollywood. There is then a grand finale on May 21. All performances are observed by a panel of judges comprising of record producer Randy Jackson, former pop star Paula Abdul and the notorious music executive, Simon Cowell, noted for his unrestrained and entertaining honesty which sometime reduces artists to tears.

In the latter stages of the competition, the judges make their comments and a phone-in audience then casts their votes for their favourites. At the end of each show, the three contestants with the least votes are brought onstage where it is tortuously revealed who are the bottom two and then, at last, the one with the least votes who is then eliminated with much sobbing all round.

American Idol Contestants

The contestants are given themes from which to choose their performance songs and they sing one song each in the early finals. In later weeks they sing two songs and then three as their numbers diminish through elimination.

Likely Winners of American Idol

So whos going to win it this year Far and away the favourite is David Archuleta who Cowell has said will definitely make the top two. His rendition of the Lennon song Imagine was truly remarkable and showed the boy cherub to be a considerable and real talent. The snag is, only two males have previously won the show as opposed to four women. On the other hand, he is a classic emotional we need to help the poor children of the world kinda guy and Americans love that kind of thing. Of the girls, Carly Smithson is the bookies second choice, probably because shes got Celine Dion/Bonnie Tyler clone written all over her. Previously signed to MCA by Randy Jackson (ahem) she has a powerful voice but has yet to persuade us she has what it takes.

Michael Johns is the bookies third choice and has the vibe of Taylor Hicks who won in 2005. Jason Castro is next in the betting and might grab the gaga female vote if he doesn?t blow it on the too sweet front. Next up are two more girls, Ramiele Mulabay and Brooke White. Ramiele has stacks of soul and is hailed as the next Aretha while Brooke White (who I want to marry!) is a squeaky clean Mormon with the feel of a Carly Simon and may well prove to be one to watch so sports betting fans please take note. David Cook might also provide an upset. He?s the rebel who will pull the disconnected teen vote.

Of the rest, David Hernandez has been revealed to be an ex-stripper and the American South, by far the biggest voters in this competition, might find that hard to swallow. Syesha Mercado is the only black woman in the final twelve and has the look of someone who doesn?t like being voted off. Kristy Lee Cook is too middle-of-the-road, Amanda Overmyer has a great rock voice but rock voices don?t win and Chikezie Eze is likely to follow the trend for men to be dumped first from the finals.

Online betting fans will find this to be a reasonably refreshing talent contest in that there is generally plenty of talent on show. Choosing the winner each week and then the overall champion is a question of reading the American mind as much as weighing up the talent. There?s plenty of time for a reversal but it?s not made any easier when there can be little doubt that David Archuleta is going to be the one to achieve glory here.