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Meet the Free Betting Online crew:

A life-long sports-mad fan and team player who has a particular rugby union and cricket bias through playing these sports to a reasonable standard in his time. Now in the twilight of his cricketing career, golf is coming more into focus. Always been a mad fan of sports quizzes for decades and drove people mad with trivia in the pub! Entertainments betting is growing on the Free betting Online site through development of this area between Simon and Chris (see below) due to their keen eyes on what’s going on in the media. Word to the wise : don’t ever take a punt on something that Simon backs!
You won’t find many more fanatical football fans than our Chris. Absolutely mad on it but doesn’t let that sway him from his intelligent insights into other sports and his keenness to research what could be called the lower profile events. Chris is a mild mannered type of guy whose persona belies his intellect and certainly his talent for writing. Shame his eye for cars isn’t as keen.
Mandy is the tennis follower of the gang. She diligently works to oversee all of the content on the site and checks that it is cleanly formatted and up to date. Woe betide anyone caught with their P tags missing!
Mandy is our young at heart member who loves the entertainment betting area of the website and has helped us to grow that section to be virtually as serious as the sports section. Living in the country, Mandy does have a quirky passion for breeding funny-looking chickens!
Our golf nut and guru, plus a player of reasonable ability – soon to be overtaken by Simon though, as he progresses through lessons. There’ll be a few wagers placed on games between the two over the next months and Simon is looking forward to fleecing Nick for all hat he is worth! Nick enjoys writing on the golf and horse racing on Free betting Online and is also a keen follower of football.
Paul is another avid footie fan, our mild mannered Scotsman is one of those people you envy for having a wonderfully calm disposition when all around is turning to worms. A huge contributor to our blog posts and to arguments with Simon on their big bugbear point which is whether foreign coaches should be allowed in international teams – don’t get them started!

Francis will tell you that he’s in it for the enjoyment and social aspect, but don’t let that fool you…he’s the most competitive of us all! Whether it’s on the golf course with Nick and Simon, or shouting at the defence as he captains his Sunday league team, failure is not an option. Luckily for us, he takes as much pride in sourcing and writing his articles so that he’s never missed a deadline.

Our man who thinks ‘outside the box’, Andy tries to find the most ‘novelty’ and unique opportunities where you may want to place a wager. From betting on the next Labour leader to how the weather will be next month, nothing is impossible for this man. As he always tells us, “There’s always a way of getting something from nothing”.