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Rumour has it (well put it this way, Paddy Power have added it to the Novelty Bet section of their online betting website) that either (or both) Princes' William and Harry might announce their engagements any day now. Which of course would spark right royal celebrations up and down the country, with people dancing in the streets, bunting here, there and everywhere and 12 gun salutes blowing the heads of passing pigeons. Well, maybe not, but it would provide a few quid extra revenue to those novelty-cum-celebrity betting fans out there across the UK who like to punt on the eventuality of such events occurring.

With absence making the heart grow fonder and all that malarkey, then Paddy Power and Betfair reckon soon could be the time that Prince Harry – on helicopter training duty around the country – could pop the question to his on-off girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, while the odds on when his elder brother, Prince William does the honourable thing by eternal lady-in-waiting, Kate Middleton are shortening all the time.

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Celebrities Are Proving Of Increasing Novelty Betting Interest To Online Entertainment Betting Bookies

Away from the blue bloods and their chosen mates, and the saccharine world of high celebrity is no stranger to the whirl of romance as one star and another are seen canoodling in public, or cosying up to each other in somewhere still public but officially less so to avoid (too) many of the paps acquiring an exclusive shot of the fledgling couple. A couple who the next day will have their (supposedly) shocked mugs plastered across the front of one of the weekly gossip-filled celeb publications that shout out for our attention from the news-stands even more than its subject matter if that's possible. In recent times the focus of the zoom lens has fallen on the close-to-the-knuckle British comedian and ex-Radio 2 presenter, Russell Brand and his American pop star girlfriend who likes to kiss girls, Katy Perry. This couple have been spotted entwined just about everywhere just lately.

The other piece of big news centering around celeb couples getting it on (or off) is the enduring Robbie Williams 'did-he-propose-to-his-girlfriend-live-on-air-or-was-it-all-some-publicity-stunt-to-shift-his-new-record'. As ever the jury remains out on Williams' latest media-pleasing exploits, but at least it did capture our attentions and place his name in a few headlines for a while. Rather like his 'was-he-on-something' X-Factor 2009 appearance recently, which suggested that the loved-up former Take That member might not be quite as clean as he's made out of late.

Celebrity Betting Could Well Eventually Encompass All Aspects Of Contentious Predictions

Which of course leads us nicely to that other, darker side of celeb betting, and the cult of celebrity death betting. Although not acknowledged – on the grounds of human taste and decency – as an actual online betting market as such, there's plenty of celebrity-based websites that focus on the likelihood of some of the box office's bigger names popping their famous clogs in the foreseeable. And perhaps therefore it's only a matter of time before one of the web's leading entertainment betting bookies dip their toe in the controversial waters of celebrity death betting. Our friends in America take a more light-hearted approach to the subject of celebrity deaths – which is of course all this is meant to be – as we wouldn't wish harm on anyone. Not even . Surfing the web it didn't take long to happen across the purely fictitious 'Paris Hilton Cause of Death' page, whereby the author imagined some humourous make-believe ends to Miss Hilton's days. Aside from 'Tripping over herself as she rushed to nearest paparazzi' and 'falling off her six-inch heels whilst milking a cow', our personal favourite had to be 'stabbed by web-surfing travellers sick of getting Google hits on her whenever they're looking for hotel rooms in France'. 

Appearing under all manner of banners including the slightly celebratory, Celebrity Death Race, attempting to guess or predict the next celebrity death is harmless fun (for the participant anyway), albeit with a cheeky hint of darkness. But at the end of the day, it's just life. Or not as the case may be. OK. perhaps not the most joyous part of the entertainment betting section of our site, yet an active online betting market that simply can't be overlooked given the body count these days. Everybody who's anybody in the world of celebrity seems to be at it, seeing it as some sort of solution to a flagging Hollywood career or a no-nonsense way to get their faces back on the cover of Hello magazine here in the UK. Or if you're of a really cynical persuasion, a memorable way in which to flog a shed-load of your back catalogue of music/film/DVD classics. Whilst the risks undoubtedly outweigh the long-term benefits in the eyes of the puritans, there's no denying that arranging for the grim reaper to pay you a visit to your LA mansion, Caribbean holiday hide-away or exclusive London pad will do wonders for your celebrity status, and essentially immortalise you if you take the more adventurous option. When we say adventurous, we obviously mean the 'tragic and/or mysterious' circumstances that surround your final days and hours. Stuff that generally cant be accounted for and ultimately adds that general air of authenticity to proceedings.

Michael Jackson's Death Was First Reported On Celebrity Websites

In terms of taking a punt on the next celebrity death betting markets, it's wise to do your homework first. By that token we don't mean ringing around a few rest homes or speaking to desk staff at The Priory to ascertain just who's on the brink of imminent collapse this week. No, we mean think outside of the box. This morbid fascination with the ghoulish will bear dividends for some people, somewhere, soon, as it's surely only a matter of time before the online entertainment providing bookies call the odds on such dark deeds. Whether by their elaborate design (Nirvana's Kurt Cobain) or by dubious accident (INXS lead man, Michael Hutchence) there are the celebs who arrive at the depressing conclusion that they are no longer for this earth and decide to take their life into their own hands, as opposed to waiting for their cards to be dealt.

Amy Winehouse could well end up like Sid Vicious the way she chooses to live her life, whilst Hollywood comedy actor Owen Wilson has been under supervision for his own good in recent times and has been scolded by all people – the previously fragile-minded, Courtney Love – over his a stray leading at the hands of Brit bad boy comic, Steve Coogan. Former Libertines frontman and Kate Moss (herself not exactly out of the reckoning), Pete Doherty is to many observers a tragic accident waiting to happen, who spookily might see an early sign off befitting of his rock star fantasy. Pop princess Britney Spears isn't out of the woods yet either, as the occasionally barking former Mickey Mouseketeer still has the propensity to alarm all those around her with sudden outbursts of insanity, from shaving all her hair off to instigating marathon drinking sessions.

Britney Spears And Robbie Williams Always Worth A Celebrity Betting Market

Another child actress, Lindsay Lohan is forever teetering on the brink according to some sources, with both drink and copious amounts of drugs being her favoured means of escapism, having tried on lesbianism for size. And then there's our own dear Robbie Williams who we mentioned in passing earlier, who by all accounts has a myriad of issues to talk us through at any given opportunity. Or the moment you pick up one of his biographies. Always in need of one pick-me-up or another, the former Take That star can experience massive emotional peaks and troughs by his own admission.

No-one would have seen the sad demise of either Heath Ledger or Stephen Gately coming, whilst the Michael Jackson shocker was, on reflection, probably not that much of a shocker given his state of mind in recent years; although the circumstances leading up to his untimely demise are what will perpetuate the legend's sorry exit from this world for a long time yet. Indeed, not since John Lennon ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time in 1981 or Elvis Presley made more than a meal of a few hamburgers have celebrity demises been so front page as they have recently. Whilst many have to content themselves with a mention in passing (or rather, of passing) just before the credits roll at the end of News At Ten, stars of the stature of Michael Jackson command and dominate the multi-media news-making times in which we now live 24/7.