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Championship Football Betting

The SkyBet Championship is one of the most competitive and most watched football leagues in the Europe. This is because the calibre of teams in the second tier of English football is quite often a lot better than the second divisions in many other countries around the continent.

Championship football betting can be extremely difficult because there are always a few teams battling away to get their hands on the riches that the Premier League has to offer. There are also a few more matches than in a regular Premier League season with 46 games instead of 38.

The SkyBet Championship is also one of the best leagues in the world to watch because there are a lot of underrated players playing for Championship sides. Players like Theo Walcott and Gareth Bale broke into the world of professional football by playing in the Championship before securing big money moves.

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History of the Championship

The Championship was changed, in name only, for the 2004-2005 season with the old division two also become League One and division three turning into League Two. The inaugural season of the Championship was a huge success with just below ten million people collectively watching the league on a weekly basis.

The structure of the league hasn’t changed in the history of the Championship. There are 24 teams in total who must play each other once at home and once away from home. Three teams gain promotion to the Premier League while three also drop out at the other end of the league and into League One.

SkyBet took over sponsorship of the league from the 2013/14 season, along with the naming rights to League One and League Two.

Championship Betting

Championship betting has never really changed which has kept punters interested in the league from before and after the branding change. The competition is still quite close and fierce which means a lot of the matches are tight with only a few exceptions.

Championship betting often throws up some of the best value odds for fancied teams. This works well with accumulator bets and multiple bets because it adds value across a range of other selections. The fact the history of the Championship hasn't changed means that betting patterns have also remained the same.

Broadcasting of the Championship

Broadcasting of the Championship has exploded over the last few seasons with more matches now shown live than ever before. Broadcasting of the Championship has also helped the development of in-play betting prosper. In-play betting works around a live event and live streams for individual matches are only possible if broadcasting of the Championship is much more accessible.

Riches of the Premier League

The rewards of going up to the Premier League from the Championship are reported to be in the region of the £90 million bracket. This money can set a club up over an extended period of time and can ensure that some clubs never go into debt once they've been in the Premier League. Clubs such as West Brom, Stoke City and Swansea City have been classic examples of this is recent years.

The riches of the Premier League are what makes the Championship so exciting to watch. Teams will often try that little bit harder and will play with more passion than ever because they know how important promotion is. This appeals to the fans and makes the football an exciting spectacle for one and all.

Championship Records

Current Premier League side Sunderland and Championship outfit Reading are the current record holders for winning the most titles with a record of two.

Burnley are the most recent winners of the Championship, and will be plying their trade in the Premier League in the 2016/17 season.