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German DFB-Pokal Football Betting

The domestic setup of football in all European countries all involve a cup competition which gives the chance for the smallest clubs to take on the might of the big boys and German football is no different. The DFB-Pokal is the German equivalent of the FA Cup and is ranked as the second most important title to win in Germany after the Bundesliga.

German DFB-Pokal football betting has traditionally been dominated by the bigger sides in Germany but it is the magic of the cup which puts it on a par with other domestic cup competitions and also what makes the matches highly entertaining to watch.

The DFB-Pokal is one of the newer cup competitions when compared with some of the domestic tournaments held in England but there are already some amazing records in the event which may never be broken. The event is massively important to a number of teams because reaching the final guarantees a European place for the next season.

Most recent winner of the German DFB-Pokal: 2013 - Bayern Munich beat VfB Stuttgart (3-2)

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The History of the DFB-Pokal

The history of the DFB-Pokal began in 1934 when the first version of the tournament was held. There were no strict rules on the number of teams that could enter the event until 1956-1960 where only four clubs were granted entry and 1973-1982 where up to 128 teams were allowed to compete in the event.

The history of the DFB-Pokal took on some normality when all Bundesliga and Bundesliga Two clubs were granted automatic qualification into the event. Traditionally 64 clubs have always been involved in the tournament for the official first round and onwards with the variations applying to qualification.

The history of the tournament saw the competition disbanded with the fall of the Nazi empire. The competition was originally recognised as a tournament started by the Nazi Party and the tournament was banished from domestic football until 1948 when it reappeared as the DFB-Pokal, named after the governing body of German football.

Format of the DFB-Pokal

The format of the DFB-Pokal is very simple. All clubs from the Bundesliga and Bundesliga Two aswell as the first four teams from the Bundesliga Three are all granted automatic qualification into the first round. The other 28 teams are made up from the other football league sides in Germany as well as amateur sides from all over the country.

The format of the DFB-Pokal differs slightly from other domestic cup tournaments in the respect that a seeding system applies for the first official round. This makes Football Betting slightly easier to predict and guarantees that an amateur side will have the chance to compete against a professional club, possibly producing a fantastic pay day for that amateur club.

In terms of rules for match format of the DFB-Pokal, the normal conditions for each match apply. The matches are knock out and extra time is played if the score is level after 90 minutes, there are no replays so if the sides are still level after 90 minutes then matches move onto a penalty shootout.

DFB-Pokal Records

There are a number of DFB-Pokal records which are currently held by the biggest clubs across Germany. These records are prestigious, special and may never be broken. Bayern Munich hold the record for the most wins in the tournament with a grand total of 16. Bayern Munich are currently one of the Sports Betting favourites each year when the tournament is played.

Werder Bremen hold one of the best DFB-Pokal records in finals. They have beaten teams 6-4 in the final, the latest in 2011.