Handball Betting

To our UK based readers Handball betting may be a concept that you are not too familiar with, but to European readers on the continent Handball betting is one of the most popular Sports Betting activities going.

Most Handball betting is spread across three different markets. Most popular, of course, is betting on the 3-way result of the game; home win, away win or draw, then not far behind in the popularity stakes is Handicap Betting and Total Goals Betting.

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Most of the major bookmakers now offer at least some betting on the bigger Handball leagues, but if you are looking for Handball betting on, say, Swedish Division One matches then you may need to look to specific bookmakers like Bwin, bet365 or Unibet.

What Is Handball Betting?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Handball, lets bring you up to scratch before we go any further.

Handball is a team sport in which two teams of seven players (six outfield players and a goalkeeper). The object of the game is to throw the ball into the opposition net. A game lasts for two periods of 30 minutes.

As with any sport, the team who scores the most goals in the match is the winner. Score lines tend to be in the 20s with a typical Over/Under goals Handball Betting line being around the 50-55 mark.

The rules are fairly straightforward and are governed by these basic laws;

      • After receiving the ball, players can only hold the ball for three seconds before passing, dribbling (similar to a basketball dribble), or shooting.
      • After receiving the ball, players can take up to three steps without dribbling. If players dribble, they may take an additional three steps.
      • Players that stop dribbling have three seconds to pass or shoot. They may take three additional steps during this time.

No players other than the defending goalkeeper are allowed within the goal line (within 6 meters of the goal). Goalkeepers are allowed outside this line.

Who Plays Handball?

Almost all of Europe, apart from the UK, is the short answer to the above question. However, the sport has been dominated at domestic level by Spanish and German sides in recent history. The last six Handball Champions League finals have been contested by only Spanish and German sides.

At international level the game is much more competitive across the whole of Europe. In the last seven World Men’s Handball Championships there have been six different winners. The game is also played at the Olympics with France the current reigning men’s champions and Norway the ladies equivalent.

Handball betting is an extremely popular sport across continental Europe. If you are either new to the sport and want to give Handball betting a try, or you consider yourself an expert on the game and want to make your knowledge pay, all of our free betting offers are eligible for Handball betting (where the bookmakers offer the opportunity) so why not give it a try and see what all the fuss is about.