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Hell’s Kitchen (US) is the American version of the UK show of the same name which was devised by Gordon Ramsey back in 2004. Ramsey left the Hells Kitchen UK to develop the show for an American audience and has been a fixture ever since. The programme was originally designed to pitch invited celebrities against Ramsey’s legendary hard-line attitude towards his aspiring chefs and a large amount of the show’s success in America has to be attributed to the resulting dramas that unfold in his kitchen. D, Unlike the UK and the rest of the world, Ramsey’s famous stream of obscenities is bleeped out in the US version of the show. In the US the show is broadcast weekly while the UK version is daily.

Hell’s Kitchen Betting fans can find plenty of opportunity to bet on the outcome with a huge number of online betting sites offering odds on the likely winner. As well as backing the winner, there is the chance to predict the contestant most likely to be eliminated each week. This is a better prospect earlier on because it can take a while before an obvious winner begins to emerge. Online betting sites offer very generous free bets as an incentive to new customers and it’s worth checking out what’s on offer when you’re ready to sign up. There are sites that can help do this by listing the best offers as well as the best odds in many cases.

Hells Kitchen US Winning Team Betting

They have never used celebrities in Hell’s Kitchen (US), preferring to stick with the format of the second UK series where ten contestants are divided into two teams, the red and the blue, forming two kitchens that compete with one another. Eventually, after a series of eliminations, the two teams become one, the black team, and individuals compete against each other. Ramsey is very hard on the team members and the food they prepare has to achieve exacting standards of taste and appearance, Dishes may be rejected and, sometime, he may shut down a whole kitchen. This draws the best and the worst from the contestants and it’s the way they handle it that determines their success or failure as Ramsey weeds out the weakest links in each team.

The winning team is chosen by Ramsey which then has the chance to decide which member of the other team has to nominate two of his comrades for eviction nomination. It sounds complicated but, when you are watching the show, it’s pretty clear what’s going on and you’re only a few clicks away from placing your bet on the laptop.

This show is immensely successful in the US and several new series have been commissioned by Fox Television. The next one is due to start on January 29th, 2009 and will be broadcast later, in the UK as Hell’s Kitchen USA. The format has changed a couple of times in America and it remains to be seen how the programme will be organised in the forthcoming series. Last time around, the number of contestants was increased to fifteen with the winner being given a job as sous chef in Ramsey’s Hollywood restaurant on 0,000 dollars a year.