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Le Championnat Football Betting

French football does not receive the best press because it is not as fast paced as the Premier League, as technically skilful as La Liga or as entertaining to watch as the Bundesliga. However, it does offer up some of the best betting value for strong teams in the division.

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Le Championnat football betting is growing in popularity because exposure of French football is lower than exposure of other European football leagues. This means betting odds are going to be slightly longer and there is more money to be made for the betting public.

Le Championnat Football

This is not to say that Le Championnat football less supported or that French football fans are less passionate about the game than fans in other countries. The French league still has some very well established teams within the football community and stunning goals and achievements do appear from time to time.

Le Championnat football places more emphasis on the work rate of players in every team up and down the division. The pace of the football is comfortable and tactics come into play a lot more than in other leagues. This has made live betting on Le Championnat extremely popular over the last couple of seasons.

Le Championnat Betting

The main thing to remember with Le Championnat betting is that the group of teams that contend for the league title each season changes almost on an annual basis. There is no set of two to four teams that control and dominate the league as is the case in Spain, England and Germany.

This is nothing negative at all, if anything it makes Le Championnat betting far more interesting and entertaining for the betting neutral. For example, Lyon are considered one of the great French sides but during the 2010-2011 season it looked like they may have been relegated at one point.

Betting on French Football

The best approach with betting on French football is not to rush in and jump in at the deep end. It is crucial to keep a close eye on the supposed bigger teams in France because Le Championnat has shown that any team which can put together a solid early run will stand a very good chance of winning the league.

Teams that come up from the second division of French football often feature highly when it comes to betting on French football. This is the same as the Premier League which is a compliment to the way French football is structured and run from grass roots level upwards.

Betting on French football has all of the same markets as betting on any other league. There is consistently greater value and the coverage that French football has allowed the development of betting on French football across different platforms in different countries.

Attendances in French Football

Attendances in French football have never been the highest viewing figures in Europe. The majority of people who bet on French football are the people who follow the sport in the country on a regular basis. The point being that a higher number of people from outside of France bet on the nation’s football than is the case with any other European league.

Attendances in French football have also declined as the cost and standard of living have also risen. This has placed greater emphasis towards online betting with French football because fewer people can go out to a betting shop in France and place high street bets on their favourite team.