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League One Football Betting

The third tier of English football has been re-branded the SkyBet League One from the 2013/14 season. League One is a vital element of the football league, and is contested by 24 teams in total.

The top-two finishers in League One at the end of the season earn automatic promotion to the SkyBet Championship. Teams finishing the season in the third - sixth spots contest play-offs, with the winner earning promotion. The bottom four (21-24) drop out of the league, and contest the following season from League Two.

League One is a very competitive league with some big clubs competing who should probably be at a much higher level than they currently area. League One football betting can be among some of the most difficult football betting markets out there. The bigger clubs often play against much smaller clubs and those smaller clubs raise their game against the big boys to create fantastic football and at times, surprising results.

The rewards on offer for each club are not as great as the leap from the Championship to the Premier League, but it’s an important step for any club to take trying to move forward.

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Structure of League One

The structure of League One will be familiar to any fan who regularly watches the football league. There are 24 teams across the division who must play each other home and away. Only three teams can go up from the division to savour life as a Championship side.

The only change in the structure of League One is an extra team can be relegated. This puts extra pressure on the teams at the bottom of the league who are locked in a relegation battle. This can make the relegation English Football Betting market much larger increasing a range of bets.

League One Betting

League One betting can be a little easier to predict than Championship Football Betting or Premier League Football Betting. The bigger clubs in League One often push themselves further up the league over the course of the season. However, there is still space and opportunity for an underrated team to do well.

League One betting works in exactly the same way as the betting for any other English football league. There is a winners market, a relegation market, individual matches to bet on and special bets over who the next manager of a League One club could be.

Watching League One Football

Watching League One football has become much easier and more accessible thanks to the global expansion of BSkyB and Sky Sports. Sky Sports owns the broadcasting rights for showing matches live and sells off rights to other countries. Highlights are shown on domestic television on a Saturday night.

More people watch third tier football in England than in any other league around Europe. There is something special about getting 25,000 people for effectively a division three match in England because this just wouldn’t happen in Italy, Spain, France or Germany.

Magic of League One

The magic of League One is the fact that a traditionally huge club can be in the division and will have to play a small side just promoted from League Two. Leeds United, Nottingham Forest, Southampton, Charlton and many more have all played League One football in the recent past.