Online Betting Guide

One of the internet profitability success stories has been online gambling. Although the majority of global wagering is still done in the more traditional methods the last 15 years has seen the proliferation of online sites that allow customers to place bets over the internet.

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Introduction to Online Betting

Online gambling, as the name suggest, is the online version of the age old hobby of betting. It first emerged in the late 1990’s when the internet was becoming available to a mass market. Initially there was just a couple of gambling websites that belonged to the online gaming industry.

As the internet progressed as a means of global communication and source of information more people gained access to the medium at an easily affordable cost.  The activity of betting online really took off and the industry now features thousands of online gambling sites.

Online gambling websites generally offer several types of betting opportunities:

Betting on Poker

Online poker sites offer various forms of matches that fall within the categories of tournament and table play. The hose does not actually play against anyone as they make their profits from tournament fees. Individuals play against each other on these sites.

Betting On Casinos

Casino games can be played on many sites now. They are played against the house. The most popular games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat are available. The hose makes its money because the odds are in its favour.

Betting on Bingo

Many sites allow gamblers to play the traditional game of bingo online.

Betting on Lotteries

Many governments run lotteries because they generate law amounts of finance. Many lotteries not run by governments no longer trade as legislation has been passed to protect the state run competitions in order to protect income.

Betting on Horse Racing

The traditional betting medium of horse racing is still a poplar form of online gambling. Even if they may not generate a great deal f turnover it’s rare for a sports book not to have racing on its menu of sports.

Betting on Sports

Bookmakers, spread betting firms and betting exchanges offer a variety of ways to bet on the results of sporting events, the most popular being fixed odds betting.

Pre-Event Betting

Before the growth of internet sites betting on an event before it began was the main way in which people placed their bets. The internet betting sites have reflected the popularity of this form of  betting by offering countless opportunities to bet on sporting events before the action begins.

Betting in general has changed markedly with the appearance of the internet and online gambling. You can now place a bet on just about any match or race and benefit from the best odds in the history of the industry.

Sports betting websites are huge businesses, and they usually incorporate many different sections as mentioned above. The online bookmakers have grown to such proportions that if you follow sport, and soccer in particular, then it’s impossible not to have seen team’s shirts advertising online bookmakers.

You can now bet on about forty sports before the event begins. Betting pre-event on soccer is still the most popular form of sports betting. Turnover on soccer accounts for about 50% of total turnover on all sports. In terms of amounts wagered the biggest event in Europe is the Champions League final, which is played in May at the end of the domestic seasons in Europe.

Leading internet bookmakers were at the forefront of betting on just about every professional soccer league in the world. There are now dedicated sports channels that have also encouraged betting on soccer. In the UK you can now watch about 15 live games a week from the satellite channels now available.

Before the match begins there can be up to 80 betting markets available on the internet. In the past even for the biggest soccer matches the most you could bet on was the three way (home win, away win, draw), the correct score and the first goalscorer.

As the competition has intensified bookmakers are now always looking to offer the widest selection of markets. The most obscure is probably if the woodwork will be hit in a matches but the scope of these gambling propositions seems unlimited.

Horse racing was traditionally the biggest area for betting before the event began. All the betting websites still offer horse racing. Whereas in the past odds were offered on UK horse racing you can now bet on the sport from venues all over the world.

One of the biggest growth areas in pre-vent betting has been virtual horse racing and greyhound racing. This is a bizarre way of betting because in effect bettors are investing in pre-arranged virtual races in which the bookmakers can set a lucrative profit margin.

Quote remarkably, bookmakers offer “form” for these races and also have commentaries on the events. These must be profitable as in all the major bookmaker outlets it is possible to bet on a virtual race every few minutes. 

Before the advent of all weather racing bookmakers were very much vulnerable to poor weather. If the racing was called off all the punter could bet on was greyhound racing. There are now four all weather tracks in Great Britain which means that only in the most severe weather conditions do operators not have racing on offer. 

Live Betting

Live betting, in-running betting or real time betting is one of the massive success stories of the internet in general and online gaming in particular. The emergence of exchange betting and spread betting has helped in the development of betting as the event takes place.

The most popular sport for live betting is soccer. The various terrestrial and satellite channels around the world continue to offer more matches as saturation point never seems to be reached. The biggest soccer clubs now have their own channels which show reserve and junior games live.

You can now bet on over 100 in-running markets for soccer matches. Everything just about imaginable that has a definite unambiguous result can be bet on now, from the traditional three way market to the more obscure such as the team that makes a substitution first, which team will have the most corners and who will win the next throw-in.

Every sporting event that is televised live provides an opportunity for the online bookmaker to offer prices, not only on the most basic result of the match but also on what is known as spot betting.

Cricket is one sport that has seen a massive growth in spot betting. You can now bet on the outcome of a particular ball. Unfortunately this has led to unscrupulous players and businessmen preordaining what will happen from a ball. The authorities and operators will have to be more villigent in identifying unusual betting patterns on bets that can be easily manipulated and don’t have an influence of the outcome of the game.

Live sports betting are a hugely successful area for the operators and will continue to grow, as long as the customers have confidence that outcomes have not been fixed for the benefit of crooks. Prison sentences are now likely for players found guilty of spot betting fixing so that will be a good deterrent and allow this area to become even more attractive to the bookmakers.