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Serie A Football Betting

Make no mistakes about the fact that people in Italy love their football and are extremely passionate about some of the most historic teams the sport has ever seen. Italian football doesn't always get the best press because of the slower pace but Serie A football betting is still more popular than it has ever been.

The great thing about the Italian league is that it is similar to the Premier League; there are a few strong teams contending for the title each season but the bottom placed team can also beat the team that is top of the table.

Serie A football betting can be approached in a number of different ways. It is no longer a problem to wait until the last moment with Serie A football betting because there are so many ways to watch and follow the league.

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Serie A Football

Passion and loyalty is everything in Serie A football. Teams such as AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus are truly historic clubs and they have built up a massive support base over a number of different decades. The crowds in Serie A may not be the most vocal or rowdy bunch but they know their football.

The main difference with Serie A from the other top European leagues is pace. The pace of football in Italy is slower. Anyone watching an Italian game will see that they move the ball around the pitch slower than in Spain, England or France. This places greater emphasis on areas such as skill and technique.

Serie A Betting

Serie A betting does not differ at all from betting with other European leagues. All of the main markets and the markets which appear during live betting stay the same, the only difference being the individual standing of the teams.

Serie A betting covers some of the best players in the world and there are still one or two players who could dominate a market such as top goalscorer in any league across Europe.

While the quality of the football may not be great, this actually improves the value on many of the betting markets. Longer odds make for bigger returns and unless one of the top sides is always heavily odds on, there will always be some money to be made.

Serie A Betting Strategy

The best approach to take with Serie A betting strategy is to stick to individual matches for the first few games of the season. It will quickly become clear which of the top teams is going to contend for the title and which of the top teams is in the best form.

Mulling over the first few weeks will also allow any experienced gambler to see which of the promoted teams will have the best chance of staying up. Results in the early part of the season can be misleading as new teams to a top division always raise their game.

Italian Football

Italian football has enjoyed and not enjoyed some huge rises and falls in recent times. The scandal that saw a number of top teams involved in irregular betting activities led to some high profile relegations from the league. This upped the coverage that Serie A was enjoying and made the league more famous around the world.

When Italy won the 2006 World Cup, Italian football got the best possible credentials to contradict all of the criticism that said the league was slow and boring. The World Cup win was huge and made a lot of people pay closer attention to Serie A from a betting point of view.