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Spread Betting Primer

If you want a little more thrill from your next stake then consider spread betting. This type of betting can provide a new excitement if you have previously only stuck to the old win or lose kind of wagers. Whatever you do though, don’t get into spread betting if you don’t know how it works.

Spread Betting Basics

An American mathematics teacher gets the credit for the creation of spread betting. Math is definitely a big part of this kind of betting. Spread betting can be done on most sports events as well as in some financial arenas. Placing this kind of bet can sometimes mean bigger wins but it can also mean bigger monetary losses than the amount of the bet.

Here are a few things to set the stage for you:

Spread – Every event or game that can be bet on with Spread Betting will have a spread calculated before wagers can be put down. The spreads are all about statistics and mathematics. All the historical numbers such as wins, losses, records etc. that are available for each team or side are brought into play to figure out the Spread Bets and Sports. Spread betting allows punters to make a game of betting on either side of the equation because the spread gives both sides a chance at a win.

Risk – Spread betting is said to have more risk to it than the less “thrilling” type of betting that is solely based on whether you win or lose. Spread betting wins only occur when the final numbers plus or minus the spread amount are in the range that you wagered. You can end up owing a lot of money to the bookmaker if you start spread betting before you have figured out how much you stand to lose before your money actually hits the table.

Points – When you take part in spread betting, you can really customize your betting to your own liking in many ways. Spreads are calculated on many aspects of sports games and financial dealings that are available for you to place a wager on. In a sports event for example, you can often place your bet on more than simply the final scores. You can place spread betting wagers on quarters, innings, team specific performances and many more aspects of the game.

Get Comfortable with Spread Betting

If you haven’t taken part in spread betting before, be sure you get familiar with the maths workings of it before you actually place your bets. Spread betting is considered an advanced form of betting and beginners should use Caution in Spread Betting .

A great way to try spread betting is to take advantage of free bets on offer from gaming sites. It’s a great idea to try out some small spread betting wagers with available free bets online just to practice a little before you actually move to making larger wagers. You’ll soon see if you have a feel for this kind of betting or whether you need a little more non wagering practice before you go ahead and make any big commitments.

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