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What is Spread Betting?

Betting comes in many forms and most of us are pretty familiar with win/lose bets and how they work. Spread betting is not the same animal as regular win/lose betting, however and is intriguing more and more people around the world.

A win from a Spread Betting would involve how accurate your bet was rather than simply whether your favourite team wins the game or not. The accuracy factor comes into play as every game will be given a "spread" by the experts who do the mathematical calculations. This spread is a range of ways the game could possibly end up. That range (or varied possible scores) is based on historical data about the teams that are playing – their scores, the performance of the players in the game and any statistical data from previous matches between these two teams.

Betting on Losers?

When two teams are set to play and one team is seen as having a stronger chance of winning, there may be little interest in betting on the game. With spread betting, however a situation is created that makes betting on both sides of the game much more interesting. This is a way for betters to enjoy even games that seem to have little chance to them. Spread betting means that even on a game where a "strong" team is up against a "weak" team there will be a market on both sides of the winning score and payouts will be made to spread betters based on those wagers.

When you place a spread betting wager, the spread given for the game as well as the final score works into the calculations that determine whether you have won or lost money in the bet. For example, the spread given on the upcoming game you want to bet on is 12 and you have bet on team "A" which you think will win. If the final score has team "B" at 14 points, then you win if team "A" comes in with a score of more than 26 (this is comprised of the end score of 14 plus the spread of 12).

Spread betting sometimes allows the bookmaker to give a spread in portions such as half points. It is sometimes done to ensure that there will be a winner rather than a non paying tied outcome.

Win, Lose or Call if Off?

Because spread betting involves mathematical calculations that must be done prior to the acceptance of wagers, all spreads should be considered carefully when you plan to place your bet.

Sometimes spread betting wagers are cancelled if the odds on the game change just before the game begins because the spread that was previously calculated no longer applies to the new circumstances.

Also, be aware that spread betting losses mean paying out (not just losing the amount of your wager). Remember that spread betting was invented by a mathematician so, if you don’t totally understand the math, do a little more reading before you jump in with both feet.

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