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World Player Of The Year Betting

Placing a wager on the outcome of the annual World Player of the Year betting event is gaining in popularity year on year as online football betting fans become increasingly aware of the opportunities that this expanding market offer. Of course there's the tried and tested Outright Win market that invited the World Player of the Year betting fan to simply register the current footballer they believe has done enough performance-wise to warrant the much sought after gong, yet more and more of you wish to try to figure out, second guess or essentially predict other interesting sub-divisions of the market.

Since 2010, the world's best player has been awarded the FIFA Ballon d'Or.

How about attempting to determine the country/nationality that the eventual winner of the World Player of the Year betting choice hails from, or failing that the current football club in which we forms part of the team. According to World Player of the Year betting history, countries such as Brazil and Spain, along with clubs such asBarcelona, Real Madrid and a clutch of top Italian sides do well in this market. If you're ambitious you could always try and work out just how many points the winning footballer will accumulate on his way to securing the prestigious World Player of the Year betting title, a critical element of the voting protocol which is explained in detail a few paragraphs further down.

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European Leagues Traditionally Provide World Player Of The Year Betting Winners

Like in any other walk of life, professional footballers to a man would just love a pat on the back for doing a great job throughout the year, whilst holding out for no financial recompense in recognition of their achievements. Of course the last part of that statement is one big, fat lie, as we know only too well that professional footballer – at least of the Barclays Premier League variety – get paid rather handsomely for their seasonal endeavours. Especially those that wear the sky blue of Manchester City and the darker blue of Chelsea, whilst Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United aren't exactly tight-fisted when it comes to stumping up wages either. But we digress with our rampant jealous streak.

The best footballers like to be told they're good at every given opportunity, be it from the mouths of their employers, team-mates, sycophantic fans or gaggle of screaming groupies that congregate around them when they're out on the town celebrating a win, looking to become the next WAG. It's the same the world over. Only across Europe they're readily acknowledged for their footballing prowess on an annual basis in the form of the World Player of the Year awards. Or rather the FIFA World Player of the Year awards, seeing as it's world football's governing body that arrange the gig just before Christmas each and every year.

World Player Of The Year Awards Based On Points Scoring System Decided By International Coaches

Although that in itself is a point of conjecture amongst some of its fiercest opponents who cite that no player plying their footballing trade outside of Europe has ever been nominated for it, therein making a mockery of the concept that it celebrates the cream of world fussball. Unless of course you count Juan Roman Riquelme who was playing for Argentine league side, Boca Juniors at the time of his nomination. However that was due to the fact that he'd been loaned out to them from Spanish outfit, Villareal who possessed the player's registration. Doh! It's a fair argument in one sense as statistically the South American Copa Libertadores had produced more world club football champions than Europe, yet its those individuals playing regular football in the UEFA Champions League who are recognized more by the awards.

Blame must surely lie at the feet of those responsible for nominating players though, which as it stands falls to coaches and captains of international football teams, and who decide via what's known as a positional voting system which players go forward to the provisional list and thereafter, the short-list. Each coach receives three votes, in effect placing their top three candidates in the order they consider appropriate based on their performances during the season just gone. For example the player they believe to be the best will be placed in their particular number one slot on voting forms and will be awarded the maximum five points. Second and third placed players are allocated three points and one point respectively, essentially meaning the footballer generating the largest number of points overall will ultimately be deemed the World Player of the Year.

Brazilian Footballers Won More World Player Of The Year Awards Than Any Other Countries' Players

Anyway, like it or lump it, the World Player of the Year award has been around since 1991. Well, for men. Apparently there's a womens football version too, that came into existence as of 2001. Since the advent of the World Player of the Year award, European-based Brazilian footballers have been the main benefactors of the gong, chalking up eight wins, a country mile ahead of the recipient country who's bagged it the second most times. Bad grammar, and also bad luck to France, who on just three occasions saw one of its countrymen wandering off the award tucked under their armpit.

Looking into all those minute facts and figures that make such an info piece that much more, well, information-led, and it transpires that Ronaldo was the youngest ever winner of the World Player of the Year award back in 1996 when he was just 20-years of age. So by the date you've already guessed that we're talking about the roly-poly Brazilian version of Ronaldo, the original who used to score goals for Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan for fun before he got crocked, became embroiled in an alleged three-in-a-bed-transvestite scandal and supposedly suffered mental health problems that obviously forced his weight to balloon. And categorically not the svelte, fleet of foot Portuguese dandy who teased lumpen Premier League defenders down the wings for Manchester United for a few years recently and now practices his footballing witchcraft at Real Madrid.

Ronaldo And Zidane Have Collected Most World Player Of The Year Accolades

Ronaldo senior went on to repeat his World Player of the Year success in 1997 and 2002, whilst conversely the oldest candidate to walk off with the award was Fabio Cannavaro, who when picking up his gong was the grand old age of 33. Both Ronaldo and fellow samba star, Ronaldinho are the only players to have trousered back-to-back World Player of the Year awards, whilst Ronaldo and French superstar of a few years ago – Zinedine Zidane – remain the only footballers to have won the award a total of three times. Or a hat-trick in soccer parlance.

Glancing at the World Player of the Year time-line, the inaugural recipient of the prestigious award was German football star and World Cup-winning captain, Lothar Matthaus, who was playing his club soccer with Inter Milan at the time. Interestingly Tottenham Hotspur and England's own Gary Lineker finished in 3rd spot in the voting procedure in that same year, 1991. Incidentally, second place is the highest any Englishman has achieved to date in terms of World Player of the Year placings, with England and (then) Manchester United midfielder, finding himself in the esteemed company of Rivaldo and Gabriel Batistuta back in 1999, and emulating that feat by grabbing runner-up spot two years later in 2001, that time sandwiched between Real Madrid's Luis Figo and Raul. Other British players who made the final three were Alan Shearer (3rd in 1996) and Frank Lampard (2nd in 2005).