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Betfair are one of the world's leading exchange betting sites, and as such, offer a great selection of markets with consistently better odds than traditional bookmakers. Betfair lets punters bet against outcomes as well as backing them. In addition, when opening a Betfair account, customers get the best of both worlds, as Betfair have also launched a traditional Sportsbook, for punters that enjoy betting with fixed odds.

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More on £100 Free Bets

Another of the big guns in the free bets market is the £100 free bet or free bonus. The best thing about these higher value free bets is that they can start to take many forms. The bookies, in their relentless efforts to come up with new formats of the free bet offer, have to continue to innovate when it comes to presenting a new free bet.

Keen to sign up flutter fanatics all the leading online bookmakers offer something for virtually nothing. And as if that’s not charitable enough during challenging economic times, they afford their newest members the luxury of ‘pay as you go’ as it were.

The benefit to the punter is that some of them are structured in a way that suits your cashflow, for instance. With a £100 Free Bet, this could be sometimes be taken as a matched £100 bonus on registration or could be taken over a period of time, perhaps a month. You may, for example, first take £25 and then qualify for another each week if you meet with certain criteria that the bookie will stipulate on sign-up.

£100 free bet formats explained

Let us explain more clearly : If you’re flush – congratulations – then you can sometimes (please read each particular bookmaker’s small print) slap down £100 on opening an online account and automatically receive your £100 free bet there and then. If money is a little harder to come by then don’t worry, bit by bit (or fiver by fiver on occasion) you can steadily build up to your £100 promised land over a period of up to a month or so. Again though always check with the individual provider as there are no hard and fast rules on this.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions of any free bet offer carefully so that you know that you can continue to bet over the period of the free bet offer.