£50 Free Bets

Sporting Index are one of the biggest names in the world of Spread Betting and this is a website that consolidates a range of markets into a small area on their home page. It must be highlighted that Spread Betting is for the experienced bettor and you should have a sound knowledge of the mechanics of spread betting before you start.

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£50 Free Bets

Ok, now we're getting into the serious area of commitment to a betting campaign with the £50 free bet. If you double this up to see how much your betting pool will be, you can gauge that you may have a number of options to bet on and start to have a good "spread" of around different sports and events but still have quite a reasonable stake involved to expect a decent return.

When you reach this level of free bet, it would be wise to see how you can choose a variety of different areas to place your bet, perhaps even with higher risk in one area, whereas you may wish to "Hedge" your bets with a more certain return just in case the higher risk market goes against you.


Caution with £50 free bets

There’s no arguing that £50 is a useful amount of money to play with, yet due care and advance planning has to be metered out so as not to fritter it way. If you’re wise, then the accumulation of £50 worth of free bets will allow you to ‘spread’ your future stakes in an organised and potentially rewarding manner.

Bearing in mind the old adage about avoiding putting all your eggs in the same basket, many punters divide their pot up into ‘safe’ bets and ‘higher risk’ bets. This ‘hedging’ of bets affords the gambler the opportunity maintain some level of funds in reserve should things not quite go according to plan, acting as an effective fail safe mechanism.

At the end of the day, it’s simply a case of remembering how much you can realistically afford to loose and ultimately taking a more responsible attitude to gambling pre se.

As always, betting is always about betting in a responsible way.