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Cricket Betting

Cricket matches now vary from the traditional five-day Test matches to the Twenty20 arena where big hitting and quick runs mean that the game is over in a couple of hours. Cricket betting tends to edge its way to the fore of the Sports Betting agenda more so over the summer months when the football season comes to an end.

As the sport of cricket has developed over recent years so have the different ways in which punters bet on cricket. Betting on Twenty20 matches now turnover millions of pounds on the betting exchanges and the shortest format of the game now attracts more betting money per game than perhaps any other sport.

Test match betting and One Day International betting are still big fish but the volatile and exciting nature of Twenty20 Cricket has attracted a new style of fan to the sport and a new form of punter to cricket.

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With England one of the major forces in world cricket and the emergence of the Twenty20 game attracting new fans to the sport, cricket is fast becoming an increasingly popular sport in the sports betting markets. TV coverage of cricket is also becoming more prominent which inevitably amplifies the sport’s popularity; the SkyBet slogan “it matters more when there’s money on it” is something which epitomises a lot of cricket betting. By following our routinely refreshed cricket news and accompanying online bookmaker guide you'll be in safe hands as we direct you to the best online bookmakers to bet on cricket with.

Cricket Betting with Free Betting Online

Unlike any other sport there is a great variety of different formats to cricket. Cricket betting fans can bet on Test Match Series such as , One Day International tournaments such as the cricket World Cup, and increasingly popular Twenty20 tournaments such as the IPL and T20 World Cup.

Different ways to bet on Cricket

Betting on cricket comes in a variety of different forms, regardless of the format of the game. The most popular cricket ebtting market is the match odds market. In limited overs matches it's a simple Team A vesrsus Team B, but in Test match cricket there's the added runner of a draw. Punters can also bet on any cricketing outcome from a team's top batsman to the number of runs scored in an innings, or over and even how many runs will result from the next ball to be bowled.

Outcome Betting

One of the most obvious ways to bet in cricket is to select the team/nation that will win an individual match. This will generally offer the shortest odds, due to the fact that there are only three outcomes possible from a cricket match: Win, lose or draw.

Tournament and Cricket Series Betting

Sometimes the best Sports Betting opportunities arise in the lead-up to an important series or world tournament. You can find out which games will be played where and when well in advance of the game. If you are looking for the 'safer' bets for cricket, the large nations will often be playing the smaller nations a number of times. By placing your online bets into an accumulator you can increase your return on investment more quickly without huge risks. In a cricket series you can also bet on the likely out come of the overall test: home team win, away team win or drawn series. Markets will also be available on the margin of victory within the cricket series. As with all tournaments, upsets will happen and these will likely offer the best value individual bets.

Score Betting

It is possible to modify the simple win, lose or draw bet by including prediction on the margin of victory, i.e. the number of runs, or wickets, that a particular team will win by. You can also bet on everything related to scoring from the frequency of wickets being taken, the time that wickets will occur, scoring rates, and bowling figures.

Bet on the Batsmen

Before a match it is possible to find sports betting bookmakers who will allow you to bet on particular batsmen achieving a particular goal. Whether you want to bet on Kevin Pietersen hitting a certain number of sixes or for a weaker batsmen to be out for a duck all things are possible in the world of online betting.

Bet on the Bowler

Every bowler will end up with statistics that represent their play after every day of play, and ultimately every match. You can elect to bet on the figures that you believe a particular bowler may achieve. So if you feel that the Indian bowlers will achieve six wickets on the opening day's play of the England Vs India Test, or that the English strike force may not take a wicket in the first day of play, you can find the right bet at the right price for you.

Realtime Betting

One of the innovations in cricket betting, and even general Betting, that has arisen through the advent of the Internet has been the provision of realtime betting. In cricket matches it is possible to open a window on your desktop and bet on the current goings on of the match. You can bet on which batsmen will be out next, which bowler will take the next wicket through to what the final outcome of the match will be. Each of these will have constantly changing odds to reflect the balance of the game.