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Music Betting

Our music betting section offers various music markets for options to place your stake on any particular area of interest. From  Christmas Number One betting to other popular family events where the casual punter likes to have a flutter like Eurovision Betting.

Music Betting with Free Betting Online

We also cover free bets offers surrounding music industry awards such as The Brit Awards betting and Mercury Prize Bets. Sometimes, the more bizarre end of the betting market materializes and bookmakers offer odds on music industry rumour and speculation; like for instance betting on Britney Spears and her next career move creates its very own online betting market.

There's a deal more to music betting than you might have imagined, and while we concentrate on the main players that comprise the contemporary internet bookmaker's portfolio, you'll discover that music betting doesn'tt begin and end with the BRIT's, the Mercury Music Prize, Christmas number one and the Eurovision Song Contest. There's all the music related markets offered by the leading online bookies to think about too, such as Britney Spears' specials that take into consideration factors that might inadvertently influence her career from this point onwards. Like for example will she join a christian cult? Will she get back together with Justin Timberlake? Will she be declared an unfit mother? Will she attempt a sex change? And will she get dropped by her record label?

Concentrating on the more pertinent music betting posers though and keeping things altogether 'real' as they say, and the meat and veg of interactive music betting is undoubtedly the never-ending stream of awards shows that take over the airwaves throughout the year on both sides of the Atlantic. From the MTV Video Music Awards, Grammy Award and the Country Music Association Awards that go a long way to illustrating what American recording artists do best, through to the quintessentially best of British that include the aforementioned BRITS, the Mercury Music Prize and the Q Awards, whilst not forgetting the less high profile of the glitzy music industry events such as the NME Awards, the Urban Music Awards and the now, sadly defunct Smash Hits Poll Winners Party (sorry, Free Betting Online showing its collective age there).

BRIT Awards Offer Plenty Of Music Betting Choice For Online Punters

The BRIT Awards (the British Phonographic Industry's annual shindig) is an acronym for British Record Industry Trust apparently, although often confusion reigns over it's true parentage given that some schools of thought believe it simply to be an abbreviation of 'British' or 'Britannia'; both clearly pertaining to the BRIT's very, er, British roots. And then there's its historical association with the Britannia Music Club - who sponsored the awards for years - which again it may well have derived its name from.

Anway, from a music betting perspective awards are annually presented to our modern day pop, rock, indie, dance and urban stars in categories (and therein, music betting markets) as diverse as Best Male Solo Artist, British Group and British Album to Critics Choice, British Breakthrough Act and Outstanding Contribution To Music. The most successful act to be celebrated by the BRITS is Robbie Williams who currently has 11 awards to his name, placing him above Annie Lennox, Paul McCartney, U2, Prince and Michael Jackson in the BRITS hall of fame as such. Never far away from controversy-courting, Williams invited Liam Gallagher to fight with him in 2000 so as to bring an end to their then constant public bickering, while guest presenter Russell Brand insulted many whilst hosting the 2007 show. Still, this was nothing compared to the embarrassment heaped on the show's early format when in 1989 Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood made a total hash of introducing one of the biggest events in the music awards calendar.

In true rock and roll fashion, the BRITS have rarely passed off without incident of one sort or another, testified by Deputy PM John Prescott's soaking at the hands of Chumbawamba in 1998, Geri Halliwell's provocative Union Jack mini-dress-wearing in 1997 and Jarvis Cocker's infamous bottom-bearing at Michael Jackson a year prior. Still, all this paled in comparison to the KLF's carryings-on at the 1992 BRIT Awards that saw them alienate just about everyone by firing fake machine gun rounds at the audience, performing on stage with a death metal band and then proceeding to dump a dead sheep outside the aftershow party.

Mercury Music Prize And Q Awards Provide Alternative Online Betting Viewpoint For Music Fans

The Q Awards is considered a music awards show for a more middle class musical persuasion and more considered audience, and the brainchild of revered real music publication (Q magazine), who instigated the event back in 1990. That's not to say that the Q Awards are any the less raucous than the BRITS; only completed with a degree more style and the outbursts/stage antics being of the more discerning nature. Take for example Elton John's outburst in 2004 when he accused Madonna of miming along to one of her hits after she'd been nominated for a Best Live Act Award. Cue handbags at five paces. The list of Q Awards contested year in, year out by nominees provide much fodder for the keen music betting fan to mull over, with the more popular (and highly prized) markets being Best Album, Best Live Act, Best Act In The World Today and Best New Act. Additionally the inclusion of such awards as Q Legend, Q Inspiration, Q Idol and Q Icon are nifty touches that heap more kudos amongst the Q Awards fan-base amongst serious recording industry figures and musos.

Whilst many believe receiving the Mercury Music Prize as being more a curse rather than a blessing - just ask 1997 winner Roni Size and 1999 victor, Talvin Singh, who's careers nose-dived after being honoured - there's no doubting that the Mercury Music Prize can be relied upon to make the headlines in more than just pretentious culture journals. Chiefly as a result of handing the main gong - for Best Album - to someone that no one aside from their close family and friends have ever heard of/clapped eyes on, after usurping a semi-household name at the 11th hour of voting. It's with this reality in mind that music betting types are inclined (or if not, tipped) to go for the more abstract/leftfield choice of short-listed nominee ahead of the announcement, and steer clear of the favourites as nine times out of ten that's the way the casting vote goes. Whether this is down to seeming pigheadedness by those on the judging panel, or other hidden factors are brought into the equation is never quite discovered, yet just who can explain the logic in selecting Mancunian-based pop-lite act, M People ahead of Britpop pioneers Blur, Pulp, Paul Weller and The Prodigy at the 1994 Mercury Music Awards? Standing as an alternative music award to counter the industry-dominated BRIT Awards, the Mercury's came in existence as of 1992 and has despite some madness crowned some top-notch British bands in its relatively short time; not least Suede, Portishead, Gomez, Franz Ferdinand, Artic Monkeys and Elbow.

Christmas Number One Betting Brings Together Sublime And Ridiculous

As discussed in more detail elsewhere on this site, the story of Christmas Number One Betting is an interesting and colourful one, and remains one of the most popular areas of music betting that never fails to split opinion and provoke heated exchanges when challenged. Whilst in most recent years the TV talent show - X Factor - has unashamedly and somewhat cynically groomed future Christmas number one candidates, before that we saw anyone from festive chart stalwart Cliff Richard to children's novelty acts such as Bob the Builder and Mr. Blobby claim the Yuletide top spot, interspersed with the then 'flavour of the month' girl or boyband. Charity records usually fare well out of the traditional Christmas pop charts, especially every time Bob Geldof and Bono decide to re-hash the classic Band Aid hit, 'Do They Know It's Christmas'.

Therefore we must include the X Factor within this section, which now also falls under the music betting umbrella rather more by accident than design it has to be said. Yet given its propensity to afford us a Christmas number one single cannot be ignored. Shayne Ward, Leona Lewis, Leon Jackson and Alexandra Burke have all benefitted from Simon Cowell's musical meddling in the weeks running up to December 25th, and give just cause for the online music betting community to consider potential winners' debut records seriously when finalizing their Christmas number one virtual betting slips. And naturally this act itself follows on from the three month period in Autumn when the X Factor takes over the airwaves and provides music betting fans with another dimension to the popular gambling alternative.

VMA's AND MOBO Awards Appeal To Online Bettors With Contemporary Musical Appreciation

Dating back to 1984, the MTV Video Music awards (VMA's) continually draw massive televisual audiences on an annual basis, especially in the youth market. Quite an achievement given that they were originally formed as a more edgy, less-commercialized alternative to the more stuffy, establishment-hankering Grammy Awards. Acknowledging and embracing the whole pop culture generation first and foremost, the VMA's never hide from controversy, a reputation that's never done them any harm and to a large extent plays up to their very stylized target audience. From the moment that Madonna performed a racy version of her then hit, 'Like A Virgin' in 1984 - a feat she repeated in 1990 when she treated the live audience to a post-watershed 'Vogue' routine that left little to the imagination - the bar was there to be raised. Rock star spats – stage-managed and more impromptu – followed over the years, with Madonna herself finding a knack of upsetting organisers and sponsors on a regular basis, yet was still invited back to appear on the show. Even the shy and retiring Eminem got in on the antagonistic act, when at the 2002 VMA's he offered to slug it out with Moby who apparently had issues with some of the rapper's perceived homophobic lyrics. Again a long list of categories ensure that music betting fans have plenty of scope in the build-up to the awards show, although as you can imagine there's a heavy bias toward the video element with Best Pop Video, Best Direction In Video, Best Choreography In Video, Best Editing In Video and Best Special Effects In Video being prominent betting disciplines.

MOBO's are another one of these clever little acronyms; this time standing for Music Of Black Origin, and sees the cream of the urban music scene both here in the UK and elsewhere across the globe recognized by their peers and fans alike as all parties descend on a concert arena to celebrate the best of the genre each year. Popular contemporary urban recording artists such as Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, Sean Paul, P Diddy, Beyonce, N-Dubz, Dizzee Rascal and Tinchy Stryder contest awards for Best UK Act, Best Newcomer, Best Music Video and Best Album amongst other accolades handed out on the night, whilst nominees that typically represent a cross-section of black music originators fight it out for Best Hip-Hop Act, Best Jazz Act, Best African Act and Best Gospel Act elsewhere. The MOBO's were founded in 1996 by former BMX Racing champ Andy Ruffell and Kanya King MBE so as to celebrate practitioners in Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Reggae, Jazz and Gospel music. Worldwide urban music icons have both performed and presented awards at the MOBO's since its inception, including multi-million selling artists like Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, LL Cool J and Usher.