Well, it's jargon but not as we know it! This latin-sounding term is often heard by newcomers to the Horse Racing Betting market and they immediately think it's something complex that only the experienced online sports betting campaigner can get involved with. This simply isn't true!

Perfecta, put very simply, is a bet you place to try and win on the basis that you predict exactly who is going to finish a race in first and second place, and in the correct order. How easy is that?

Background of Perfecta

It's a term mostly used in horse racing betting but has also been adopted in greyhound racing in recent years. The betting pool for this type of bet is usually completely separate from that or those for more conventional betting.

Exacta and Perfecta

Perfecta can also be called Exacta, as you can deduce that both words imply that this type of bet needs precision or perfection (Perfecta) or the need to be exact (Exacta).

Benefits of Perfecta

You can imagine that the likelihood of you predicting correctly that two horses come in first and second, in the order you select, is far more difficult than just trying to predict the winner or a place. With that in mind, the Perfecta offers much larger returns because of this reduced probability. In other words, in the eyes of the sports betting bookmaker, you are betting in a far higher risk market.

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