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Welcome to the Free Betting Online (FBO) Sports Betting page, from which you can navigate your way around our various sports specific pages and take your pick form a wide range of online free bet offers. We cover all major sporting events from the UEFA Champions League and The Open Championship, to Premier League darts and World Snooker Championships. We understand that not everybody is an expert when it comes to betting on sport so we do our best to make things simple for you. Whether you’re looking for a free bet offer that suits your budget, or trying to find the best odds available on your team winning the cup, we’ve got it all covered here at Free Betting Online.

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The amounts on offer range from as little as £10 to as much as £200 so we’re confident that you will find an offer that suits your betting budget. With the continued growth in popularity in online betting, it's our aim to bring you the most convenient and enjoyable experience to bet on the sport of your choice.

Thanks to our unique relationship with a collection of the best names in in the game, Free Betting Online can guarantee online punters the very latest in online bookmakers' betting offers, as and when they become available on the web. As well as bringing you the most popular free bets that the web has to offer we also regularly feature offers that are exclusive to Free Betting Online.

However we don't just stop with our up-to-the-minute online free bet coverage, we have a vast range of pages covering various sports which display up to date odds for the hot events in world sport, all the betting information that you might need including dates, venues, runners and riders, a guide to where you should place your bets and also up to the minute news and sports previews.

Our Online Sports Betting

This section covers all major sports events, from the worlds of Football Betting and Horse Racing Bets through to darts betting and snooker betting. We cover everything from the football World Cup to Premier League darts, and for each of these we provide up to date betting odds, free bet opportunities, event information such as venues, form and rules and regulations, plus a little bit of history to help you make an informed choice on where to bet your hard earned cash.

This area of betting can be complicated and it is often difficult to keep up to date with the goings on in this constantly-changing environment. Our aim within these pages is to keep you up to date with the changing odds, give you information on sporting events in order to help you make informed decisions and, via our news service, keep you up to date with the very latest happenings and news stories as they break.

Check out specific sports pages for offers relevant to your preferred sport and check out our current events tab on the home page for the sports betting events are happening now and those that are coming up in the near future.

Betting Markets

One of the first things to decide when indulging in the world of online betting is which betting markets you prefer. Depending on your sport of choice there are a number of different markets to contemplate. If you’re a horseracing enthusiast then you’ll be looking at the winner market, each-way betting or distance betting whereas those who enjoy football betting will look at match odds markets, goals markets and even total corners or total cards markets.

In sports where there are straight match-ups between two teams or individuals then markets tend to be quite similar. Darts, snooker, tennis and (limited overs) cricket all revolve around the match odds market where there are just two runners: Team/Player A and Team/Player B. Then, depending on the sport, there are other markets that center around peripheral events in the match. In darts it is the number of 180s markets, snooker has the highest break market and cricket has innings runs markets and top team batsmen betting.

New to the industry?

With so many online bookmakers to choose from and 100s of different betting markets available to bet on for each and every sport, the online betting world can be a daunting place for those who are new to betting on sport. But if you are new to this field then you’re in luck because Free Betting Online is the place to be.

For starters, our Spread Betting page explains the intricacies of one of the betting areas that is often perceived as the most complexed. We’ve also reviewed a comprehensive list of online bookmakers in order to offer you an independent opinion before you part with your cash. If they’re not a bookmaker that we trust then we’ll either tell you so or, more likely, we won’t entertain them by giving them a place on our site.

So if you don’t know the difference between an Asian Handicap and a Spread Bet or think that a parlay is a French dessert, fear not, you are in the right place. Have a glance through our pages and you’ll find all the information that you need.

Betting Exchanges

Betting exchanges, particularly Betfair, revolutionised the betting industry in a way that not even its creators could have initially envisaged. The biggest revolution being that punters could now bet against (lay) something happening and essentially play at being the bookmaker. Betting exchanges also took the edge away from the bookmakers and gave the punters greater control of the odds that they wanted.

An exchange matches punters with opposing views from around the world and allows them to bet against each other on a range of outcomes, whether it be the winner of the Grand National or the first goalscorer in the FA Cup final. There are other  betting exchanges aside from Betfair, Betdaq and WBX being the biggest competitors although Betfair, the original exchange, are still the leaders in field of the betting exchange.

Betting on sport from home

Like it or not, Sky television has changed the face of sport, particularly football, over the course of the past two decades. As a direct result they are also partly responsible for the online betting boom over the same period. Punters can now watch sports events from around the world from the comfort of their own armchair and courtesy of the wonders of the internet make their bets from the comfort of their own home.

Betting shops are becoming quieter and quieter over the years as a new generation of sports bettors decide to do their punting from their own home. Where information is readily available to hand and punters can make their decisions based on a whole heap of knowledge that is available at their finger tips.

It seems that every day there are more sports on which you can bet. We can show you how to tap into the most popular sports and get the best betting offers. With Free Betting Online, you can place a sports bet on regular games during the season as well as playoffs, championship games, and special events.