Here at Free Betting Online, we do try to break down terminology into it's simple form because although we have a large number of very experienced sports betting fans using our site, there are also many new punters who can be intimidated by the use of them. Trifecta is one of these terms but we explain here just how simple the trifecta concept is.

Explaining Trifecta

Trifecta is basically a simple form of bet with a technical sounding name that is mostly used in the Horse Racing Betting field. In Trifecta, the punter must precisely predict the first second and third finishers in a race in the correct order ("Tri" as in "3"). This is literally how straight forward it is. You can imagine that if you went to a busy betting office and tried to explain that you wanted to place a bet like this, it would take a lot longer than just saying Trifecta on such and such a race. This is why it is used.

Using Trifecta

With the Trifecta type of bet, it is naturally going to be much more difficult to achieve a result because the odds of you getting it right are massively reduced as compared to selecting just the winner of the race, for example. However, because of this added reduction in likelihood of your result, and therefore greater difficulty in you winning, the amounts that you can gain from a correct bet in this fashion are far greater than fixed odds Betting.

Types of Trifecta

There are some variations on the Trifecta in the Standout Trifecta and the Box Trifecta.

The Standout Trifecta gives the punter the opportunity to choose the first place or winner exactly but the second and third can be in either place.
Box Trifecta is the easier of all the Trifecta betting models in that you can just select who the first three finishers of a race will be.

Trifecta used recently

Trifecta was sadly used in an unamusing contexed by the American president, George Bush, when he quipped about having hit the Trifecta on hearing about the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York in 2001. His comment referred to the fact that during his administration he had then had been involved with war in Iraq, economic depression at home in the states and then the 9/11 attacks It was this trio of events that led him to use the term.

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