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Copa del Rey Football Betting

The Copa del Rey translates into English as the King's Cup and is one of the biggest cup competitions in Spanish domestic and European football. The Copa del Rey is the equivalent of England's FA Cup and often gives the chance for some of the smallest teams in Spain to pit their wits against the giant teams.

Copa del Rey football betting does not always provide the best value in a betting sense. The early rounds tend to be formalities for a lot of the bigger teams and value comes into the equation more when the teams get more even in terms of players and quality.

The Copa del Rey has been around for over a century and during this time there have been some classic incidents involving the trophy as well as some historic records which may never get beaten in the foreseeable future.

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History of the Copa del Rey

The history of the Copa del Rey dates back to 1902 when the first tournament was held to celebrate the coming to the Spanish throne of King Alfonso XIII. The tournament was suggested by the then President of Real Madrid and also involved Barcelona, Espanyol and Atheltic Bilbao.

The history of the Copa del Rey saw the tournament established as the 'national championship' of Spanish football. Ever since 1902-1903, this is how the cup has been viewed by the Spanish public. It is the oldest currently active cup competition in the Spanish game.

The history of the Copa del Rey changed slightly in 2010 when Sevilla were allowed to keep the Copa del Rey trophy which fitted in with the Spanish national team winning the World Cup. This was also the fifth time that Sevilla had won the tournament. A new trophy in exactly the same form is now competed for every season.

Copa del Rey Format

The Copa del Rey format does not differ from any other normal domestic club football competition. The Copa del Rey is a knock out tournament which allows teams to compete in round robin matches from qualifying right up to the final.

All teams are drawn randomly at all stages which means there is just as big a chance of two minnows playing each other in the early rounds as there is the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona squaring up. The Copa del Rey format is what adds to the unique history and beauty of the tournament.

The Copa del Rey format for matches follows exactly the same pattern as other domestic cup competitions. If the teams are cancelled out after a replay then extra time is brought into the equation and subsequently penalties if teams still aren't separated after an extra 30 minutes.

Copa del Rey Incidents

There have been a number of Copa del Rey incidents throughout the years which have only served to add history and uniqueness to this trophy. One of the most amusing of Copa del Rey incidents came during the Real Madrid celebrations after winning the 2010-2011 tournament.

Madrid defender Sergio Ramos held the trophy aloft for the fans to see before dropping it over the side of the team coach which then subsequently ran over it. Madrid were awarded an exact copy of the damaged trophy to display in their club museum.

Copa del Rey Records & Most Recent Winner

There have been a number of Copa del Rey records which may never be broken and certainly won’t be challenged in the near future. Barcelona hold the record for most wins with 26 final wins and ten runner up spots. Athletic Bilbao are second on the list with 23 wins.

There are seven teams that hold Copa del Rey records for having won the trophy at least five times in its history. These seven times are all allowed to keep replicas of the trophy as a reward for their achievement.

Most Recent Winner of the Copa del Rey: 2013 - Real Madrid beat Atletico Madrid (2-1)